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The best of the year| Two Colombian mayors of world name: Fajardo and Peñaloza

Luz Helena and Enrique Peñaloza. Foto de Jaime Ramírez. The names of Sergio Fajardo and Enrique Peñaloza are well known in the international arena. Both of them are related to the two cities where they proved their skill as mayors and let a print not only in both cities, but also around the world as […]

ABTA Includes Colombia in its Holiday Hot Spots for 2008

The prestigious Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), included Colombia in its Holiday Hot Spots list for 2008. The other countries are China, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Botswana and Israel. The Agency said that Colombia has become a very popular tourist detination and it is supposed that by year 2008 it will have a golden time […]