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Mario Benedetti, a Latin American voice

The name of Mario Benedetti is very familiar in all the Hispanic world, even for those who are not interested in poetry or literature. However, the Uruguayan poet was not a name linked only to literature, but he was a man able to represent the Latin American identity and the fights for freedom of expression […]

Colombian authorities ask the wife of Murcia from Uruguay

Johana Ivette León, the wife of David Murcia, was captured in Uruguay under a petition of the Colombian National Prosecutor for the accusation of money laundering. Murcia is the author of the possible biggest fraud in the history of Colombia and even Latin America by the Pyramid or Ponzi system, according to the accusation of […]

Uruguay desde Colombia

Las Américas desde Colombia No. 1: Este es el primer artículo de nuestra serie “las Américas vistas desde Colombia”. Nuestro primer invitado: Uruguay. Cuán lejos está Uruguay de Colombia (English) J. Irazábal en su entrevista al profesor Oscar A. Bottinelli quien hizo un viaje a Colombia en una comisión para hablar de las experiencias de […]