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Cambodia targets Chinese tourism

Cambodia is targeting Chinese tourism and it is planning already the construction of a Chinese town in Phnom Penh. Chinese are flooding the planet not only for business or migration, but also they are becoming consecrated travelers. Cambodia sees it as an opportunity to welcome more international visitors not only to its millennial temples, but […]

Colombia, luxury destination according to US travel guide

If in past decades it was crazy to think in Colombia as a tourist destination, things are changing. The interest for the South American nation is growing, especially in US and Europe that used to regard Colombia as a pariah country and a dangerous spot. But is it true that Colombia is a safe place […]

An aerial tramway for the Chicamocha National Park

Now it is possible to contemplate the fascinating views of the Chicamocha canyon, the second largest of the world, in a modern aerial tramway. Near Bucaramanga, the canyon was declared natural park in 2006 and soon attracted national and foreign visitors to see one of the most famous geographical accidents of the Colombian Andes. Yesterday […]

Medellín ready for the Inter-American Development Bank in March

The Inter-American Development Bank will have its 38th General Assembly in Colombia this year. The chosen place is Medellín, the second largest economical center of the country. It is expected an increase of four thousand foreign visitors to the country by that time, especially to Medellín. The Assembly will be celebrated between 27 and 31rst […]

Cartagena does not know about the crisis

It is near to reach a historical season By Vicente Arcieri and Juan Carlos Díaz / Correspondents of  EL TIEMPO – Cartagena, published in Portaforlio.com.co / Translation by Albeiro Rodas, Colombia Passport Colombian and foreigners tourists walk by its streets, fill its beaches and spend everywhere. The turbulence of the economical recession still not touch […]

A Classical Music Festival in Cartagena de Indias

Normally a Caribbean city like Cartagena de Indias can be associated to Salsa, Vallenato and tropical dances. But this time Cartagena de Indias, the first tourist spot of Colombia, is the scenery of the most exquisite taste for classical music. And the best musicians of the world accepted the challenge to give concerts in one […]

The photogallery of Gregg Bleakney

Another great photographer in love with Colombia, Gregg Bleakney in his blog. Here the presentation: Colombia Photo Gallery From January through March 2008, I traveled over 4,000 kilometers by car, bicycle and boat through Colombia–from coffee to coastline, the Andes to the Amazon. My mission was simple: to photographically document the country in its current […]

Newsweek| Colombia’s City On A Hill

Medellín goes from murder capital to model city By Daniel Kurtz-Phelan | NEWSWEEK | Picture by César S (http://www.flickr.com/photos/rasec/) Ver mapa de ! .César S. Tomada en (Ver más fotos aquí) Five years ago the hillside slum of Comuna 13 was the most brutal urban battleground in Latin America, a bloody microcosm of Colombia’s drug-fueled […]

Colombia in the six top destinations of National Geographic for 2008

Sihanoukville — ColPas (Picture “Medellin downtown in the night” by Wooden). Things like these were unthinkable ten years ago. Tourist guides used to put aside Colombia in the Latin America destinations. It was too risky. But now, National Geographic in its National Adventure, features Colombia as one of its six top destinations for 2008. “Discover why […]

Colombia witnesses resurging tourist numbers

Article published by Monsters and Critics.com, WotR Ltd. in “Feature Travel | Lifestyle” on Nov 20, 2007   Cartagena, Colombia – Colombia’s tourist industry, long a victim of the nation’s unrest, is beginning to see signs of life again as visitors return to discover the nation’s cities and lush countryside. A yard in the historical […]