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An Alien love-story

I called it a love-story because it produces such an impact. I almost cried at the end when the two robots ‘died’ trying to greet the intelligent aliens, though in a very primitive stage, as they were our ancestors of the stone age. Advertisements

Curiosity… A wonder of our time

It is lovely. Just for this we should suspend any war, any conflict, fight poverty, protect our planet and concentrate in the stars.. We are to be the species of the galaxies, but we need to be together.

Campus Party 2008 in Bogotá

Colombia is the second American country to be the seat of Campus Party, a Spaniard Festival on Digital Technology that will have Corferias as its headquarters between June 23 and 29. By Albeiro Rodas – Picture from Campus Party Brazil Colombia Passport. Campus Party is one of the biggest European LAN Party that recently conquered […]

Colombians buying more computers

Sells of computers rose to 80% in 2007 By Albeiro Rodas | Picture by Clara Campoamor. Colombians are buying more computers, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Communications, Mrs Maria del Rosario Guerra in her annual report. Sellings of computers and Internet services rose to 80% during 2007 and the numbers are a […]