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Rajoy became Obama’s bellboy

The incident of a presidential aircraft forced down in Europe this week touches the height of absurdity and damages the image of standing democracies of countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and, of course, United States of America, culmen democratia. Although the pink South American bloque made by Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia is not my favorite one, […]

African albino moved the heart of Spain

Spaniards are used to the thousand of African migrants that arrive to the Iberian coasts every year. They know also that most of them would be sent back by authorities once their safety and conditions will be guaranteed. But this time one of those African migrants moved their heart. He was Moszy, a boy of […]

Obama with a Colombian bulletproof vest

We still to know how would be the relations between Obama and Uribe, but it seems that the relations Obama and Caballero are at their highest ranking. At least the elconfidencial.com digital magazine from Spain is suggesting that president Obama wore the bulletproof vest designed by the Colombian fashion designer.

Spain would accept the prisoners of Guantanamo

Spain would accept the prisoners of Guantanamo as a way to help the project of president Obama to close that prison, said president Zapatero. The president of the Spaniards talk in the Congress about the new US president, Barack Obama. He said that hopes the Guantanamo prison will be closed soon, He pointed out that […]

Cortes de Cádiz for Freedom Award for President Uribe

The municipality of Cádiz, Spain, decided to give an award to President Álvaro Uribe for his fights in favor of freedom. It is the first version of the recent created award that the Spaniard city wants to give to persons or organizations that contribute for freedom in the Spanish-speaking world.

More Colombians with Spaniard residence this year

More Colombian migrants in Spain received permanent residence this year than former times, according to Spaniard Permanent Migration Observer in its September report, informed by Colombian newspaper El Espectador.

Campus Party 2008 in Bogotá

Colombia is the second American country to be the seat of Campus Party, a Spaniard Festival on Digital Technology that will have Corferias as its headquarters between June 23 and 29. By Albeiro Rodas – Picture from Campus Party Brazil Colombia Passport. Campus Party is one of the biggest European LAN Party that recently conquered […]

Fake passports and visas in Madrid

About 300 fake passports and visas are detected by the police of the Barajas International Airport, according with a report of EFE TV of last May. Most of the passports were hold by Colombian, Peruvian and Dominican citizens, who used fake passports from countries that do not need visa to come into the European Community […]

Spaniard chancellor to Colombia and Venezuela

The Spaniard Chancellor Miguel Angel Moratinos announced in Germany that he will visit this month Colombia and Venezuela to work for a restitution of dialogues and relations between the two South American countries. He said that Madrid and Caracas restablished relations after the Latin America – European Summit in Lima last month and that Hugo […]

Colombian girl disappears in Spain

Andréa Garcés is a Colombian girl who disappeared 8 days ago in Murcia, Spain. According with her mother, Andrea could be on the hands of sexual traffickers

Madrid victims fury at ‘leniency’

BBC News, Madrid. Angry victims of the 2004 Madrid train bombings have vowed to appeal over what they see as the trial court’s lenient treatment of some of the accused.  One victim’s relative said there had been too few guilty verdicts for such a horrible crime. The court sentenced three men to thousands of years […]