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The Black Holes are not black…

The most interesting is that Black Holes produce much energy. Although they are very small objects, they are brighter than stars and galaxies. The theory is that there is a Black Hole at the center of every galaxy and they probably play a very important role in the formation of galaxies, planets and even life… […]

An Alien love-story

I called it a love-story because it produces such an impact. I almost cried at the end when the two robots ‘died’ trying to greet the intelligent aliens, though in a very primitive stage, as they were our ancestors of the stone age.

George Zamka in Colombia

First on the space, now in Colombia Picture from Caracol. The Colombian-American astronaut, George Zamka, the Colombian Nasa scientis Jaime Forero and three of the tripulants of Discovery, Stephanie D. Wilson, Paolo A. Nespoli and Douglas H. Wheelock, are in Colombia in a visit organized by the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Colciencias. The famous […]

Colombian Microbiologist Raul Cuero Among World Prominent Scientists

┬áRaul Cuero was born in Buenventura, Colombia in 1948. A man from a humble family is today one of the most prominent scientist of the NASA. Author of “Between Triumph and Survival“, a work about his own life, Cuero is professor in the Prairie View A & M, University in Texas.On 13th May 2007 the […]