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Rafael Correa Second Term

President Nicolas Sarkozy sent a communication to congratulate the reelection of Rafael Correa, the first president to follow a second term in the South American nation since decades ago and the first to give a political stability to it after ten years of “temporary governments” since president Jorge Jamil Mahuad Witt was forced to resign […]

Colombia and Ecuador, lost without solution

The conflict between Colombia and Ecuador is one year older and the solution is far to become real. At least is the impression given by General Secretary of the American States Organization, José Miguel Insulza, in Bogotá yesterday after the declaration of president Correa in Quito. For Insulza the words of Correa were just as […]

Ecuador defends dollarization

The Minister for the Economic Politicies of Ecuador, Diego Borja, denied that the government is trying to implement a system with two currencies in the country.

Ecuador military force increases at the border

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador continues his strong words against Colombia, while increases the military forces at the border. Correa said in University of La Habana, in an official visit to Cuba, that the Colombian government wants to put conditions to his country to reestablish diplomatic relations.

The doors are open for Colombia, said Ecuador

Colombia must respect the sovereignty of Ecuador in order to reestablish the diplomatic relations among both countries, said the Minister of Domestic and Foreign Security of Ecuador, Gustavo Larrea in the national television yesterday.

Prudence with Ecuador, said Carter Center

Prudence with Ecuador, said the Carter Center after the words of president Rafael Correa. The Ecuadorian president called Colombian chancellor Jaime Bermúdez a liar in his Saturday television program in Quito. He said that Colombia was not serious in the intention of reestablish the diplomatic relations.