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Poverty is a vicious circle

There are many ideas of poverty.  I was grown as a poor kid in a Medellín´s commune (poor and violent), but it does not make me an authorized voice to say what poverty is at all.  Sociologists, policy designers and other scientists study poverty, so they can make more exact definitions.  But some people suggest […]

Colombians improved standard of life

According with DANE´s comparative research for 2008 The National Administrative Department of Statistics of Colombia, DANE (its Spanish acronym), published a comparative study about the standard of living of Colombians. The study analyzes the conditions of living of poor and not poor families in Colombia in what it has to see with housing, public services […]

DMG will be on the move for a longtime

DMG is not over and will be on the move for a longtime not only in Colombia but in other countries. At least it can be deducted after the announcement of the creation of a fund organization with that very acronym to support the defense of David Murcia Guzman – DMG stands as an acronym […]

Education for people who who have been denied their rights

XIV Seminar at Ciudad Don Bosco (ANS – Medellín) – With a concert performed by the “Orquesta Sinfónica Infantil y Juvenil de Medellín” the XIV Seminar at Ciudad Don Bosco was brought to a close. Held on 19 and 20 June at the Ciudad Don Bosco in Medellín, the meeting had as its topic “Educational […]

Stop to send us things! Send us education!

The academic year is nearly to finish in Cambodia and it is time to start to see what we got this year for our children and youth. It is more often to see the boys wearing nice T-shirt with English letters, while foreigners buy T-shirts with Khmer inscriptions. Either the foreigners or the Cambodian boys […]