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Shell’s pay out and implications for Colombia

Incidents where Multinational Corporations (MNCs) sponsor massacres in order to eradicate dissenting voices against their obsession for profit have been a motif through Colombia’s history. At the beginning of the 20th century it was the army who suppressed labor protests. The best example is the Banana Massacre in 1928 in which the army exterminated laborer […]

The bloody Mancusos’ history of Colombia

Related: Mancuso admits responsibility for 4 massacres It seems that the name of Salvatore Mancuso will linger long in what is the present Colombian history. From a jail in Washington, the former war lord of the Paramilitary groups known as AUC, makes that many tremble in the South American nation. Many of them, victims, relatives […]

Declassified evidence on the Colombian army’s anti-guerrilla “allies”

Washington D.C. October 16, 2005 – The National Security Archive. Today, the Colombia Documentation Project proudly announces the first in a series of articles to be published in collaboration with Semana, Colombia’s leading news magazine. The column, which will appear monthly on Semana.com, is the result of a mutual desire to publish and disseminate in […]

Murillo 27 years in prison

Once one of the most fearing paramilitary leader in Medellín, an almost succesor of the Pablo Escobar reign got a plea agreement of 27 to 33 years to serve in prison before a court in Manhattan. “Don Berna”, the criminal nick name of Diego Murillo, 47, has recognized that he conspired with military, political and […]