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Entrepreneur Ricardo Martinelli, new elected president of Panama

Ricardo Martinelli, an entrepreneur and the main leader of the opposition, was elected president of Panama with a 60 per cent of voting, according to the National Election Council of the South American nation. The second in the elections was the social-democrat Balbina Herrera who got a voting between 32 and 36 per cent, while […]

Farc, a drug cartel, said Uribe in Panama

The Farc guerrillas made one of the biggest cartels of drug trafficking of the world, said president Álvaro Uribe in a meeting with the presidents of Panama, Guatemala and Mexico to discuss agreements to fight organized crime in the region.

Financial crisis will hit Lat America anyway

Even if countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru have presented big programs to cushion the world recession, it will not be enough to the strong 2009 effects on the regional economies, suggested Standard & Poor’s (S&P).

Colombian authorities deported Africans

A long travel to United States from Africa stopped in Colombia. Five Africans were arrested by the Colombian police in the State of Córdoba, according to sources of the Security Administration Department of Colombia, DAS.

Colombia invests in Panama

“Panama: a golden mine for Colombia” was the expression used by Colprensa in its report about the investments of Colombia in its neighbor. The article published by El Pais of Cali in this date, shows the growing investment of Colombian companies in one of the busiest trade centers of the Americas due to its Channel […]