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Colombia cries Escalona

The King of Vallenato, Rafael Escalona, passed away this week in Bogotá. He can be considered one of the most well-loved Colombians and his name is referred almost as legendary and part of the identity of a Latin American culture at the same level of what is Celia Cruz, Carlos Gardel and other figures of […]

A video of Juanes “la tierra” (the land)

Comment to this video Here one of the most popular videos of Juanes, “la tierra“. You can see his ideal of showing Colombia, this time his people and traditions. Here a translation of the song, however, it is better to listen in Spanis (aquí se habla español):

Danza Colombia, a dance to see

Among the many things that make Colombia international notoriuos is its many kinds of traditional dance. It is often a mixture of three races, the ones that formed the Colombian identity. Looking for a good group of dance in Colombia is not difficult, especially in a nation that seems to dance day and night. Having […]

“What is the reason that they’re fighting for? We just want to live in peace.”

Juanes Sings a New Refrain About His Native Colombia Sunday, March 30, 2008; Page M02  washingtonpost.com (By Mark J. Terrill — Associated Press) He’s the Latin American answer to Bono — an anthemic rocker with a social conscience and one name: Juanes. Last fall the Colombian superstar released his fourth album, “La Vida . . […]