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A festival on short films in Colombia

Bogota. Next 29th of  June the capital of Colombia closes down the 10th International Festival on Short Films and El Espejo Film Schools. The total number of short films in exhibition is of 118 and it has the space to appreciate the winner films of the Berlin International Festival that counts with the presence of María Morata […]

50 Years and 600 Women Later, True Love

The New York Times review on “Love in the Time of Cholera (2007)” movie By Stephen Holden, The New York Times “Love in the Time of Cholera” sets itself the elusive task of translating Gabriel García Márquez’s masterpiece of magical realism into an upscale art film with popular appeal. Faithful to the outline of the […]

Cartagena in the Time of Cholera

The movie revealed not only a novel but a real city: Cartagena de Indias By Albeiro Rodas Cartagena – PasCol. When Scott Steindorff bought the rights of the Gabriel García Márquez novel to make his film, he did not buy Colombia: he was thinking in recreate a Cartagena de Indias in Mexico or in Brazil. […]