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Mike Peters and Café de Colombia

A reflection on Freedom of Press and rights of a country A month ago cartoonist Mike Peters tasted a bitter coffee. Café de Colombia is promoted worldwide as the best aroma coffee and became a national proud for Colombians. It is also the first product of exportation and keeps a big share of its GDP […]

The Colombian coffee growers will not sue Mike Peters

The Colombian Federation of coffee growers, Fedecafé, will not sue the American cartoonist Mike Peters for the drawing that offended the country. The Federation accepted the excuses of Peters that were proceed in an public letter and personally in the office of the Federation in New York.

I love Colombia, said Mike Peters

The American cartoonist Mike Peters said to Associated Press that he loves Colombia, drinks its coffee daily and did not intend any offense. On 2nd of January one of his comics appeared in some newspapers talking about Colombian coffee. A character says: “Y’know, there’s a big crime syndicate in Colombia. So when they say there’s […]

Alejandra Mesa Estrada, new Queen of the Coffee

The new Queen of the Coffee, chosen in the 53th Fair of Manizales, is Alejandra Mesa Estrada, the representative of Colombia. The event for the selection of the international Queen of Coffee was in the Theater of the Founders of the traditional paisa city.

Colombian coffee growers against Mike Peters

The most celebrated Mike Peters, the American cartoonist who won a Pulitzer, will face the anger of the Colombian coffee growers for what they consider was an offense on the traditional national economy.  Surely Peters will need plenty of cups of coffee when the Colombians will go to court to fill files for the works […]