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Colombia will become destiny of migration

There have been only two big groups of foreign migration into Colombia since the 16th century: the Spaniards that led a conquest over the territory and migrated by different groups over the next 300 years, and the Arabs since the 19th century. Other groups of migrations have been less notice and rapidly integrated to the […]

African albino moved the heart of Spain

Spaniards are used to the thousand of African migrants that arrive to the Iberian coasts every year. They know also that most of them would be sent back by authorities once their safety and conditions will be guaranteed. But this time one of those African migrants moved their heart. He was Moszy, a boy of […]

More Colombians with Spaniard residence this year

More Colombian migrants in Spain received permanent residence this year than former times, according to Spaniard Permanent Migration Observer in its September report, informed by Colombian newspaper El Espectador.