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Costa Rica with the best place for living in LatAm

According with a recent study of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Costa Rica was perceived as the best place to live in Latin American and the Caribbeans. It has the best standard of life, economical situation, and the best national system of health and education, according with its own people. The results, published also by […]

Unemployment, the crisis legacy

Unemployment is the first evident consequence of the global financial crisis, accordint to the Economic Commision for Latin America and the Caribbean region (CEPAL). When economic is reduced, the numbers in unemployment grow naturally. In Latin America, unemployment was 7.5 percent in 2008, while it grew to 9 percent during the first four months of […]

Is Europe getting far from Latin America?

By Andrés Espinosa Fenwarth (aespinosa@minagricultura.gov.co), translation of Albeiro Rodas, published in Spanish in Portafolio.com.co on October 15, 2008. The Andean Summit of Guayaquil (Ecuador) will see this week the relations with the European Union (EU) that were managed in the past country by country. With the strengthening of the EU, first as a customs union […]

Fals Borda, a life of sociology in Colombia

Another personality who died in Colombia recently was Orlando Fals Borda, a name that became common in the Colombian universities and at large in the Latin American world of intellectuals. What is the meaning of Fals Borda as a scholar for the studies of the Colombian society is something that will come when his work […]

Growth Hotspots – Focus on Latin America

“According to one panellist, Colombia’s stock exchange has quadrupled since 2002, and though its corporate cycle has shown some lack of pace, larger conglomerates are selling their assets and focusing instead on core business to buoy their new efforts.” World Economic Forum. Latin America has experienced several economic revolutions and shifts in business models. The […]

Clouds gather over positive global economic outlook

According with the World Economic Forum on Latin America. Santiago de Chile (WEF). Despite a relatively upbeat outlook of strong economic growth into 2007/8, there are a number of dark clouds on the horizon that threaten the Latin American Goldilocks scenario. Panellists in a session at the World Economic Forum on Latin America listed them […]