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Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia & Israel to Honduras

Honduras will be at the center of the international media this week. The Central America nation is the seat of the 39th Organization of American States’ summit in San Pedro Sula. Then it can be forecast which countries will get more attention: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, United States, Iran and Israel. Surely it will be interested […]

How Gaza sounds to Colombians

Colombians are made by many origins. Arabs have arrived to the coasts of the South American nation at the end of the 19th century, looking for the “American Dream” from Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. Jews have been present in the Colombian territory since the Spaniard conquests and even it is said that Paisas have Jew […]

Venezuela expelled Israeli Ambassador for the invasion of the Gaza Strip

As a protest for the invasion of the Gaza Strip, Caracas expelled the Ambassador of Israel and many other diplomats of the Middle East country.  The Minister of Foreign Relations of Venezuela, announced to the mass media that the government decided to expel Ambassador Shlomo Cohen as a protest of for the dead caused during […]