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Colombia among the first tourist destination for Chileans in time of crisis

One way to measure the economy of a nation is tourism. Of course, not coming tourism, but the tourism that the country produces outside. If its citizens go around the world very often, no like migrants, but to see the world, take many pictures and return home, then it means that economy is going well […]

A Colombian, victim of violence in New Jersey

Wilter Sánchez, a 33 years old Colombian living in New Jersey, was victim of a violent attack last Wednesday. He was walking with his cousin Fernando Quincha toward a restaurant, when a car approached to them. The car stopped and five men came out. Fearing an attack, bot began to run, but Sánchez slipped on […]

The world will witness the transformation of Colombia by Medellín

Interview to Mateo Restrepo, Manager of the Assembly of Governors of DIB Medellín is getting ready for the Assembly of Governors of the Development Inter-American Bank, DIB, between 27 and 31rst of March. It is expected the assistance of about 4 thousand international experts to the second largest economical city of Colombia in Plaza Mayor, […]

Medellín was international in 2008

2008 was an international year for Medellín. Once the most violent city of Latin America, Medellín has a better face and attracts more visitors than ever. If it is not possible to say that all its problems are resolved, as long as its 3 million population would not have same opportunities, but security, tourism and […]

The Colombia Photo Blog of George Donnelly

Another recommended photo blog of Colombia done by George Donnelly   Donnelly described himself like this: My name is George Donnelly and I’m a 36 y.o. dad, business owner, sysadmin, objectivist, writer, Libertarian Party member and University of Chicago grad from Pennsylvania who’s into history, Colombia, FreeBSD, civil liberties, limited government, SciFi, Golden Retrievers, tea, […]

The photogallery of Gregg Bleakney

Another great photographer in love with Colombia, Gregg Bleakney in his blog. Here the presentation: Colombia Photo Gallery From January through March 2008, I traveled over 4,000 kilometers by car, bicycle and boat through Colombia–from coffee to coastline, the Andes to the Amazon. My mission was simple: to photographically document the country in its current […]