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The release at one step, says Córdoba

Sen. Piedad Córdoba said to the Colombian Mass Media that the promised release of some Farc hostages is at just one step. She was referring the technical preparations to receive them. She got the full authorization of the government of President Álvaro Uribe to organize the group that will receive the hostages from the hands […]

Sen. Córdoba said that three days more

Senator Piedad Córdoba said today in Caracol Broadcasting that in three days more the Farc will restart the process to release the promised hostages. The Senator, who was criticized recently by the Minister of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos, of making a show in order to create a political importance to her figure, said that she […]

Two weeks more, said Sen Córdoba on Farc hostages

The Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba said  today to the Mass Media that the release of some hostages by the Farc will be in about two weeks. The words of Córdoba come after facing critics from the government due to the delay in the promised release. The government suggested also that it was a kind of […]

Uribe Surprises| The Yes of Uribe Waits the Yes of Farc

When the door is closed, God opens the window “The Yes of the President is the answer to a national and international call” (Mgr. Castro, President of the Colombian Conference of Bishops) “The Farc must answer in a constructive form” (Nicaolas Sarkozy, President of France) “The government waits the biggest surrounding of guerrilla troops of […]