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Bush saved the FTA with Peru

The US-Peru free trade agreement quaked this week when some democrats at the US Congress and unionist organizations, asked president Bush to suspend the agreement and let it to the Obama administration to evaluate the conditions.

Trade deal, the problem is human rights

Washington | Colombia Passport. The issue on the approval of a US – Colombia free trade agreement stops in a big red “traffic light”: The problem of human rights in the South American nation. Discussions can be done about the importance of the deal for both countries, but the fact is that human rights will […]

Bolivia’s opposition to trade agreements caused reaction in Lima

The Peruvian Chancellor, José García Belaunde, stated that Peru will continue with its process of commercial agreements, especially with US and Europe, even if that is not pleasant to Bolivia, which Evo Morales’ government has opposed in a strong campaign that has been very critics to the Lima’s negotiations.   Bolivia does not want to […]

The President of the World Bank in Colombia

Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank, is in Colombia and talked about the Colombia – USA Free Trade Agreement, while he said that the Colombian economy is doing well. In a meeting in Casa de Nariño with President Uribe, Zoeillick said that the US Government, democrats and republicans should consider the FTA and approve […]