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“The End of the Illusion and the Last Guerrilla”, said The Economist

The British Magazine in its analysis of the longest political conflict of the world, said in “The End of the Illusion and the Last Guerrilla” that it seems to be near the end of the FARC guerrilla, no by a total military actions as surely some groups are expecting, but as a real dialogue after […]

Spaniard chancellor to Colombia and Venezuela

The Spaniard Chancellor Miguel Angel Moratinos announced in Germany that he will visit this month Colombia and Venezuela to work for a restitution of dialogues and relations between the two South American countries. He said that Madrid and Caracas restablished relations after the Latin America – European Summit in Lima last month and that Hugo […]

Marulanda is dead, said FARC

The top leader and founder of the FARC guerrilla is dead, said the same organization in a statement. The news were said first by Minister Juan Manuel Santos in an interview to journalist María Isabel Rueda of Revista Semana . The communication of Santos was out of any official statement, a fact that disturbed president […]

Briefing Colombia Today

Correction: The man who was killed in the military operations against Farc guerrillas was not El Marrano The Colombian authorities declared that the man who was killed during the military operations in the Meta State was not Carlos Julio Ávila, know as El Marrano. “El Marrano”, a FARC leader responsible for the kidnapping and killing […]

The police captured a man implicated in the abduction of deputies

The Police captured Gustavo Alvarez Cardona in Buenaventura City – Valle del Cauca State, a member of the FARC guerrillas and implicated in the abduction of 11deputies on April 2002. The tragedy of the 11 deputies ended on June 18, 2007 when they died under unclear circumstances. Alvarez Cardona is also known as Santiago being […]

Uribe Surprises| The Yes of Uribe Waits the Yes of Farc

When the door is closed, God opens the window “The Yes of the President is the answer to a national and international call” (Mgr. Castro, President of the Colombian Conference of Bishops) “The Farc must answer in a constructive form” (Nicaolas Sarkozy, President of France) “The government waits the biggest surrounding of guerrilla troops of […]

Tapes, letters and pictures of the Farc hostages

Picture of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia. Bogotá — ColPas. The Colombian Media reported yesterday the show of Farc hostages tapes. According to a communication from the national government released 29th November 2007, the Army captured in Bogotá three rebels who had five videos, four of them with a registered data of 23rd […]

Uribe Versus Chávez: The Americas take seat

Foto: Archivo / EL TIEMPO The political tensions between Colombia and Venezuela come already to a highest level with the outspoken speeches of the two most famous current Latin American presidents: Álvaro Uribe of Colombia and leftist Hugo Chávez. The Venezuelan President said that Uribe is a lier and that Colombia needs a best president, […]

I lost the truest, said Chavez

Caracas — ColPas. President Hugo Chávez said that he lost the truest and that it is serious for the relations among the two countries. Chavez said also that President Uribe should ask him first clarification about the incident before taking a such a decition and that it was a violation of the agreement they have […]

Colombian Uribe boosts tough-guy image over Chavez

By Hugh Bronstein BOGOTA, Nov 23 (Reuters) – When President Alvaro Uribe abruptly fired Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez this week as mediator in hostage talks with rebels it confirmed Uribe as the kind of tough decision maker most Colombians say the country needs. A quick-to-anger micro-manager who takes charge of everything from army offensives to road […]

Sarkozy would send letter to Uribe, said El Universal

President Chávez and Sen Córdoba, former mediators in the humanitarian release of the guerrilla hostages. Caracoal Broadcasting Picture. El Universal of Venezuela said that the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy would send a letter to the Colombian president Alvaro Uribe asking to reconsider his decision on canceling the mediation of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez with […]

Uribe canceled mediation of Chavez with leftist guerrilla

  Bogotá — CP. The Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, canceled the mediation of the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez and the Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba with the Farc, the leftis guerrilla that has in its power 45 persons, among them three US citizens, 5 former Congressmen, a former governor and some men of the National Army, […]