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OAS condemned mass killing of Indigenous by Farc

The Organization of the American States condemned the mass killing of indigenous of the Awa people in Colombia under the action of the Farc guerrilla this month. OAS asked also to Farc the devolution of the corps in a tragic event that began when a group of that guerrilla executed several persons at the beginning […]

Colombian indigenous: Among war, poverty and powerlessness

Indigenous authorities of Colombia and Ecuador gave an ultimatum to Farc A new strong condemnation to Farc rose this month after the communist guerrilla declared that some indigenous persons of the Awa communities have been executed because “they were spies of the army“. Awa is the name of an ancestral people of the southwest of […]

Juanes, his Grammy to the Farc hostages

“La vida es un ratico” (The Life is Just a Moment), was the Juanes´ song to be awarded with the best pop album Grammy. The Colombian composer and singer dedicated it to the hostages of the Farc guerrilla. The Argentinian producer Gustavo Santaolalla received the Grammy in the name of Juanes. Santaolalla was the producer […]

Farc hostage release, a political gesture

Former governor of Meta released Farc is not defeated, said Hara Negotiated solution, only way, said Hara The former governor of the State of Meta, Alan Jara, was released by Farc, according to the promise of that guerrilla. Jara was kidnapped by Farc on 15th July 2001 when he was inaugurating a bridge in Lejanias […]

Colombia waits hostages release by Farc

Medellín | ColPass. Colombians wait that this coming Sunday the Farc guerrillas will release six of the hostages according to their promise on 21rst of December. “We wait to know that six of those persons hold by the guerrilla, are free. It is like they belong to our own family“, said a mother of family […]

A month after of the Farc promise

The promise of the Farc guerrillas to free some of the hostages at the beginning of January, met a month already. The guerrillas communicated on 21rst of December that they would release some of the hostages as a proof of their willing of a dialogue of peace and a humanitarian interchange. They said also that […]

Chávez asked Obama to rectify

The comments of elected president Barack Obama in relation with the government of president Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, seems to initiate a new period in the long tensions between Washington and Caracas. Obama suggested that Chávez interrupted the progress of the region, exports terrorist activities and supports malicious entities like the Farc guerrilla of Colombia.

Farc, a drug cartel, said Uribe in Panama

The Farc guerrillas made one of the biggest cartels of drug trafficking of the world, said president Álvaro Uribe in a meeting with the presidents of Panama, Guatemala and Mexico to discuss agreements to fight organized crime in the region.

If Mono Jojoy gives up, he can be free, says Uribe

President Uribe said that if Mono Jojoy, one of the strongest leaders of the Farc guerrilla, whose real name is Jorge Briceño Suárez, gives up, he could obtain benefits from the government and even freedom.

Farc wants to talk with Uribe, said Alfonso Cano

The first leader of the Farc guerrillas, Alfonso Cano, said to a Spaniard magazine, Cambio 16, that he wants to talk with president Álvaro Uribe, but he should guarantee security to do so.

Ecuador military force increases at the border

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador continues his strong words against Colombia, while increases the military forces at the border. Correa said in University of La Habana, in an official visit to Cuba, that the Colombian government wants to put conditions to his country to reestablish diplomatic relations.

Two or three weeks more for hostages release, said Farc

Farc guerrillas said that in two or three weeks more will confirm the release of some hostages and give their location. The insurgent group gave the communicate through the director of the weekly Voz, Carlos Lozano. Farc said that it will be done as soon as it is clear the conformation of the humanitarian commission […]

The release at one step, says Córdoba

Sen. Piedad Córdoba said to the Colombian Mass Media that the promised release of some Farc hostages is at just one step. She was referring the technical preparations to receive them. She got the full authorization of the government of President Álvaro Uribe to organize the group that will receive the hostages from the hands […]

Sen. Córdoba said that three days more

Senator Piedad Córdoba said today in Caracol Broadcasting that in three days more the Farc will restart the process to release the promised hostages. The Senator, who was criticized recently by the Minister of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos, of making a show in order to create a political importance to her figure, said that she […]

Chief of finances of Farc died in military operation

Pablo Darío Malambo, known as the chief of finances of Farc, died in fighting against the Colombian army in Ataco, State of Tolima. Malambo was linked to the assassination of a political candidate to the major of Ataco in October 2007. Other four men, who were his bodyguards, were killed during the military operation of […]

Two weeks more, said Sen Córdoba on Farc hostages

The Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba said  today to the Mass Media that the release of some hostages by the Farc will be in about two weeks. The words of Córdoba come after facing critics from the government due to the delay in the promised release. The government suggested also that it was a kind of […]

The doors are open for Colombia, said Ecuador

Colombia must respect the sovereignty of Ecuador in order to reestablish the diplomatic relations among both countries, said the Minister of Domestic and Foreign Security of Ecuador, Gustavo Larrea in the national television yesterday.

Vigil with the hostages in Bogotá

Christmas is a great time of family unity in a Latin American culture like Colombia. However, many Colombian families will not stay together this year. The problem is that they have not been together since more than a decade, because somebody was always missing. Surely many people will be missing at home this Christmas and […]

Farc tricky the country, said Uribe

Another strong statement of President Álvaro Uribe against Farc and Eln guerrillas. He called them “terrorists” that appear to the world as poets and revolutionaries, but are “only killers and drug traffickers”.

Sen Oscar Lizcano released from FARC guerrilla

October closed in Colombia with a news that calls the attention of the international public opinion: A new military success in the release of FARC hostagues, this time of former Senator Oscar Tulio Lizcano from the hands of FARC guerrillas. In this case, the success had the full support of one of the guerrilla men, […]