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Bolivia said Yes and No to new Constitution

A new Constitution for Bolivia, the main horse of battle of president Evo Morales, was supported by the 59.1 percent of the voters. However, the results showed also the big division in the South American country. The situation would conduct to an agreement among the two parts in order to approve the new Constitution.

Latin America welcomes Obama

Latin American countries welcome the election of the new USA president, Barack Obama. From leftist governments like the ones of Caracas and La Paz to the most USA friends like Bogotá and Mexico, there were words of sympathy for the Democratic Senator, who is also the first Afro-American person to be elected as president of […]

Bolivia suspended DEA operations

The deteriorating relations among the leftist government of Bolivian president Evo Morales and Washington came to its worst moment last week when he accused the Drug Enforcement Agency of the Unites States (DEA) of conspiracy against his government. He ordered the suspension of any activity in the Bolivian territory, a country that is enlisted as […]