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Colombia will become destiny of migration

There have been only two big groups of foreign migration into Colombia since the 16th century: the Spaniards that led a conquest over the territory and migrated by different groups over the next 300 years, and the Arabs since the 19th century. Other groups of migrations have been less notice and rapidly integrated to the […]

Colombians improved standard of life

According with DANEĀ“s comparative research for 2008 The National Administrative Department of Statistics of Colombia, DANE (its Spanish acronym), published a comparative study about the standard of living of Colombians. The study analyzes the conditions of living of poor and not poor families in Colombia in what it has to see with housing, public services […]

Chile should be First World for 2020

Chile should be a country of the so called First World for 2020. At least it is the will of the government of president Michele Bachelet. It was in 2008 when the Minister of Public Works launched a challenging project in infrastructures to develop the country with the year 2020 in mind: the country should […]

Fighting poverty is a duty in Colombia, said President of Bavaria

Karl Lippert, the president of Bavaria, the Colombian Beer Company, said that fighting poverty is a duty for all companies and development organizations in the country. Even if Colombia has improved social conditions in the last decades, 48% of the population still under poverty, said Lippert in Portafolio.com.co. “That is not a benefit for anybody“, […]

Fals Borda, a life of sociology in Colombia

Another personality who died in Colombia recently was Orlando Fals Borda, a name that became common in the Colombian universities and at large in the Latin American world of intellectuals. What is the meaning of Fals Borda as a scholar for the studies of the Colombian society is something that will come when his work […]