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The “Friends of David Murcia” to the rescue

“Amigos de David Murcia”, a group leaded by the Brazilian Alex Ventura from New York, intends to gather funds for the legal defend of the brain of DMG, the company at the top of the biggest financial scandal of the history of Colombia and maybe Latin America. But many do not think as the Colombian […]

DMG will be on the move for a longtime

DMG is not over and will be on the move for a longtime not only in Colombia but in other countries. At least it can be deducted after the announcement of the creation of a fund organization with that very acronym to support the defense of David Murcia Guzman – DMG stands as an acronym […]

Colombian authorities ask the wife of Murcia from Uruguay

Johana Ivette León, the wife of David Murcia, was captured in Uruguay under a petition of the Colombian National Prosecutor for the accusation of money laundering. Murcia is the author of the possible biggest fraud in the history of Colombia and even Latin America by the Pyramid or Ponzi system, according to the accusation of […]