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Colombian women can apply to be military generals

Although several women in Colombia belong to the national army, the possibility to become a general was not contemplated until now. But time changes and the opportunity for the women to get the highest military rank came. 60 young ladies were incorporated in the studies to become military generals, according to the report of General […]

Colombia 2008, main news

2008 was a stubborn year in Colombia. The names of Álvaro Uribe, Rafael Correa, Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega, Piedad Córdoba, Raul Reyes, Farc, Paramilitaires, Salvatore Mancuso, Manuel Marulanda, Parapolitic, Pyramids, Taliana Vargas Carrrillo, Oscar Córdoba, Elkin Serna, Gustavo Yacamán, Ingrid Betancourt, Professor Gustavo Moncayo, DMG, David Murcia and the Free Trade Agreement with US, were […]

Taliana Vargas Carillo, just a question

Just a question changed the history and Taliana became the second most beautiful woman of the planet in Vietnam. However, she was favorite since the beginning among 80 world beauties. 9.433 scores shows itself what Taliana means and she was not just a cute Colombian girl willing to have a crown, but she has been […]

Gabriela Díaz del Castillo, the Queen of Joy in the Carnival of Black and White in Pasto

Colombia, a country of beautiful women Although this interview was done last November in preparation for the Carnival of Pasto, this interview shows a little how is Gabriela Días del Castillo, the Queen of the Carnival and how the Carnival itself is prepared. By Artur Coral-Folleco | Translated by Albeiro Rodas Pasto (Ipiales Times, Nov. […]

Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia 2007

Taliana Vargas Carrillo is the name of one of the most popular ladies in Colombia in what has to see with beauty contests. She was Miss Colombia 2007, crown in Cartagena de Indias, and she was almost to become Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam.