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Moises Arias of Colombia

If some Colombians dream with an American passport, there are cases of Americans who are proud of say they are Colombians. It is the case of New York-born actor Moises Arias, an American US television actor who is proud of the origin of his parents: Colombia. He is what in Colombia is known as Paisa […]

Double heart and lung transplant in Medellín

Medellín | ColPass. While in US the birth of eight babies from a single mother is news, in Colombia the success in a double operation of transplant of heart and lung has gotten the attention of the media. The surgery was practiced in a boy of 15 years old who had defects in the heart […]

Colombian disabled conquered the peaks of Aconcagua

Five disabled Colombians conquered the pick of the second tallest mountain of the world: Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina. The team is made by four soldiers and a civilian who were victims of mines. They committed themselves to climb the tallest mountains in Colombia and the Americas.

Obama with a Colombian bulletproof vest

We still to know how would be the relations between Obama and Uribe, but it seems that the relations Obama and Caballero are at their highest ranking. At least the elconfidencial.com digital magazine from Spain is suggesting that president Obama wore the bulletproof vest designed by the Colombian fashion designer.

Cambodian journalists of the future

PHNOM PENH: 1st November 2007 — Social communication students from Don Bosco Sihanoukville leaded by the Colombian communicator Albeiro Rodas, visited The Cambodian Daily, The Mirror and Globe Magazine in the capital on October 30, three of the most important of the print media in Cambodia. The boys, who are starting a two year program […]