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In a coma

Inside the context of the international short film festival in Bogota, I want to write about some of my favorite short movies. Of course, there are many and from many nations and I believe this is becoming already a new (old) film gender – I said old because short films were the first experiments during the […]

Colombia Reports for Good-Looking Intellectuals

While Internet is one of the most powerful means of communication of our century, Colombia is knowing and using it in many ways. In a Spanish nation, with a certain amount of disdain for English, most of the sources of information about this South American country comes exclusively in Spanish. English sources can be rare […]

Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia & Israel to Honduras

Honduras will be at the center of the international media this week. The Central America nation is the seat of the 39th Organization of American States’ summit in San Pedro Sula. Then it can be forecast which countries will get more attention: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, United States, Iran and Israel. Surely it will be interested […]

Colombia among the first tourist destination for Chileans in time of crisis

One way to measure the economy of a nation is tourism. Of course, not coming tourism, but the tourism that the country produces outside. If its citizens go around the world very often, no like migrants, but to see the world, take many pictures and return home, then it means that economy is going well […]

A friendly press conference between two controversial presidents

Cartagena | ColPas. The meeting of the two most controversial presidents of Latin America in Cartagena de Indias was rather friendly. Even if journalists touched hot subjects like the Farc hostages that broke relations between Chávez and Uribe since November 2007 or the issue of the reelection that both leaders are looking. But the most […]

Colombia and Venezuela set up fund to finance micro and small enterprises

Cartagena | ColPas. The presidents of Colombia and Venezuela announced the creation of a fund to finance micro and small enterprises as a measure to face the the global recession. The fund will start with resources for 200 million dollars with an equal participation of both countries.

What Uribe and Chávez will talk in Cartagena

The two most famous presidents of the Americas will meet in Cartagena de Indias at the end of this month. On 24th January Álvaro Uribe of Colombia and Hugo Chávez of Venezuela will have a meeting to discuss the effects of the financial crisis in the two South American nations.

Financial crisis will hit Lat America anyway

Even if countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru have presented big programs to cushion the world recession, it will not be enough to the strong 2009 effects on the regional economies, suggested Standard & Poor’s (S&P).

Colombian authorities deported Africans

A long travel to United States from Africa stopped in Colombia. Five Africans were arrested by the Colombian police in the State of Córdoba, according to sources of the Security Administration Department of Colombia, DAS.

Brazilian Vale Mining to buy Colombian Argos

Vale (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce), the mining Brazilian company, is going to buy the Colombian Argos, according to a communicate in Sao Paolo. The largest logistic operator in Brazil and the second-largest mining company of the world, will buy the 100% of shares of the largest mining Colombian company, Argos, for 300 million of […]

Bolivia suspended DEA operations

The deteriorating relations among the leftist government of Bolivian president Evo Morales and Washington came to its worst moment last week when he accused the Drug Enforcement Agency of the Unites States (DEA) of conspiracy against his government. He ordered the suspension of any activity in the Bolivian territory, a country that is enlisted as […]

Electricity would connect three nations

Colombia, República Dominicana and Puerto Rico would be connected by a 2,700 kilometer long cable of electricity The visit of President Alvaro Uribe to República Dominicana for the possession of the new President, Leonel Fernández, put on the news the idea of a big project that would provide electricity for the Caribbean nation and Puerto […]

Fanny Mickey, from Argentina to the Colombian stages

Colombia and Argentina cry for Fanny Mickey, a charismatic woman, who was able to lead one of the most important artistic events of the Americas, the Ibero-American Festival of Theatre of Bogotá. She passed away last 16 of August in the World Capital of Salsa, Cali, but Bogotá disputed with the third largest Colombian city […]

Not drinking water: 1,300 children death

Many concentrate in factors as the political conflict, but there are other elements to be worried with the Colombian children. Diarrhea can kill also people, more if those people live in extreme poverty like not having drinking water. According with a report of the Vice Ministry for Drinking Water in Colombia, about 1,300 children died […]

Fake passports and visas in Madrid

About 300 fake passports and visas are detected by the police of the Barajas International Airport, according with a report of EFE TV of last May. Most of the passports were hold by Colombian, Peruvian and Dominican citizens, who used fake passports from countries that do not need visa to come into the European Community […]

Growth Hotspots – Focus on Latin America

“According to one panellist, Colombia’s stock exchange has quadrupled since 2002, and though its corporate cycle has shown some lack of pace, larger conglomerates are selling their assets and focusing instead on core business to buoy their new efforts.” World Economic Forum. Latin America has experienced several economic revolutions and shifts in business models. The […]