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Colombia, luxury destination according to US travel guide

If in past decades it was crazy to think in Colombia as a tourist destination, things are changing. The interest for the South American nation is growing, especially in US and Europe that used to regard Colombia as a pariah country and a dangerous spot. But is it true that Colombia is a safe place […]

Hay Festival | Colombia, a country of writers

The Hay Festival in Cartagena de Indias reminds us that Colombia is a country of writers. The big affluence of people to the conferences of authors and the performances of artists like Juanes or Miguel Bosé, is a proof of that. You have to book entrance with a good anticipation in order to see authors […]

Colombia and Venezuela set up fund to finance micro and small enterprises

Cartagena | ColPas. The presidents of Colombia and Venezuela announced the creation of a fund to finance micro and small enterprises as a measure to face the the global recession. The fund will start with resources for 200 million dollars with an equal participation of both countries.

Hay Festival of Cartagena, coming soon

Cartagena de Indias is the city of festivals. It is easier to prepare it in a a place so attractive for tourism, but also inspiring for writers and film directors. It is the city of works like “Love in the Time of Cholera” of Gabriel García Márquez, that was made a film by Mike Newell. […]

Cartagena does not know about the crisis

It is near to reach a historical season By Vicente Arcieri and Juan Carlos Díaz / Correspondents of  EL TIEMPO – Cartagena, published in Portaforlio.com.co / Translation by Albeiro Rodas, Colombia Passport Colombian and foreigners tourists walk by its streets, fill its beaches and spend everywhere. The turbulence of the economical recession still not touch […]

A Classical Music Festival in Cartagena de Indias

Normally a Caribbean city like Cartagena de Indias can be associated to Salsa, Vallenato and tropical dances. But this time Cartagena de Indias, the first tourist spot of Colombia, is the scenery of the most exquisite taste for classical music. And the best musicians of the world accepted the challenge to give concerts in one […]

Cartagena, world top destination by Frommer

Cartagena de Indias was among the world top destinations this year by the prestigious American travel magazine, Frommer in its 2008 edition of December 17th.

Rumba in Colombia

Out of beautiful places to visit in Colombia, one of those things that a foreign tourist can not forget is what is called in the country “Rumba“. In Cuba, Rumba means a kind of dance developed in the island from African roots. In Colombia, it became more than a dance, a cultural element of enjoyment, […]

Michelle Rouillard Estrada, Miss Colombia 2009

By Albeiro Rodas — Pictures from Vive.in. Colombia celebrates the election of its beauty queen for 2009. Michelle Rouillard Estrada was crowned last night in Cartagena de Indias as the new Miss Colombia in the traditional national contest. Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia 2007, passed the crown to her successor and the responsibility to represent the […]

ABTA Includes Colombia in its Holiday Hot Spots for 2008

The prestigious Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), included Colombia in its Holiday Hot Spots list for 2008. The other countries are China, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Botswana and Israel. The Agency said that Colombia has become a very popular tourist detination and it is supposed that by year 2008 it will have a golden time […]

Colombia in the six top destinations of National Geographic for 2008

Sihanoukville — ColPas (Picture “Medellin downtown in the night” by Wooden). Things like these were unthinkable ten years ago. Tourist guides used to put aside Colombia in the Latin America destinations. It was too risky. But now, National Geographic in its National Adventure, features Colombia as one of its six top destinations for 2008. “Discover why […]

Cultural soul of Colombia

Spared the worst of the nation’s drug crime, Cartagena is a great beauty with a colonial past. And it’s a city with a vibrant street life. By Reed Johnson, Times Staff Writer September 11, 2005 IN the old days, this was a swell place to be a pirate and a terrible place to be a […]