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Outstanding LatAmerican Immigrants in Canada

Colombia en London & ColombiaPassport. The 25 Top Canadian Immigrants Awards, has selected the most outstanding “new” Canadians for this year, among 300 immigrants from 195 countries who have chosen Canada as their new place of living. The selection was based also in the postulation made by their own cultural communities and was sponsored by […]

Illegals arrested in Canada

Several groups of human rights for migrants protested in London (Canada) the arrest of 79 illegal workers by the Border Service Agency and the Canadian police last week. According with the Spanish online newspaper “Diario El Popular” and “Colombia en London”, authorities are investigating possible abuses against that group of persons hold by the police […]

Canada refused to approve Visa to Miss Colombia 2007

Bogotá – PasCol. With not reasons the Embassy of Canada in Bogotá refused to give Visa to Taliana Vargas Carillo, Miss Colombia 2007. Taliana, who will be 19 next December 20 and who is the youngest woman that has been elected as Miss Colombia, was planning to pass next Christmas in Toronto because her boyfriend […]

A Colombian among the ten most promiment Hispanics of Canada

  The event was organized by other Colombian Toronto — CP with Colombia en London — The Colombian physician Alex Jadad, specialized in anesthesiology and dedicated to health services through information technology, was selected among the 10 most prominent Hispanics of Canada by the Factor Hispano Magazine from the Hispanic community in that country. The […]