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Argentina has the best schools of economy in LatAm

The best schools of economy in Latin America are in Argentina, according with the research of AmericaEconomía. The 2009 ranking of the best schools of economy in the region measured three dimensions: actions in the support of social labor, the size in the number of graduates and the professional success reached by its more outstanding […]

Lula and Obama, Latin America and USA

For many observers the meeting of Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Washington with US president Barack Obama was the first important encounter among US and Latin America during the government of the new president at the White House. Undoubtedly, Lula became one of the most representative political leaders of the region and […]

Farc hostage release, a political gesture

Former governor of Meta released Farc is not defeated, said Hara Negotiated solution, only way, said Hara The former governor of the State of Meta, Alan Jara, was released by Farc, according to the promise of that guerrilla. Jara was kidnapped by Farc on 15th July 2001 when he was inaugurating a bridge in Lejanias […]

Financial crisis will hit Lat America anyway

Even if countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru have presented big programs to cushion the world recession, it will not be enough to the strong 2009 effects on the regional economies, suggested Standard & Poor’s (S&P).

Colombian authorities deported Africans

A long travel to United States from Africa stopped in Colombia. Five Africans were arrested by the Colombian police in the State of Córdoba, according to sources of the Security Administration Department of Colombia, DAS.

Brazilian Vale Mining to buy Colombian Argos

Vale (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce), the mining Brazilian company, is going to buy the Colombian Argos, according to a communicate in Sao Paolo. The largest logistic operator in Brazil and the second-largest mining company of the world, will buy the 100% of shares of the largest mining Colombian company, Argos, for 300 million of […]

“Brazil-centrism” in Latin America

“Brazil-centrism” is the term used by AméricaEconomía to that concept that is starting to give priority to the huge Latin American country, but at the same time ignoring the whole region. However, Brazil has been the Latin American giant and it has been proven during the last years with a speedy economic growing that is […]