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Rajoy became Obama’s bellboy

The incident of a presidential aircraft forced down in Europe this week touches the height of absurdity and damages the image of standing democracies of countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and, of course, United States of America, culmen democratia. Although the pink South American bloque made by Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia is not my favorite one, […]

Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia & Israel to Honduras

Honduras will be at the center of the international media this week. The Central America nation is the seat of the 39th Organization of American States’ summit in San Pedro Sula. Then it can be forecast which countries will get more attention: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, United States, Iran and Israel. Surely it will be interested […]

Lula and Obama, Latin America and USA

For many observers the meeting of Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Washington with US president Barack Obama was the first important encounter among US and Latin America during the government of the new president at the White House. Undoubtedly, Lula became one of the most representative political leaders of the region and […]

Bolivia said Yes and No to new Constitution

A new Constitution for Bolivia, the main horse of battle of president Evo Morales, was supported by the 59.1 percent of the voters. However, the results showed also the big division in the South American country. The situation would conduct to an agreement among the two parts in order to approve the new Constitution.

Bolivia suspended DEA operations

The deteriorating relations among the leftist government of Bolivian president Evo Morales and Washington came to its worst moment last week when he accused the Drug Enforcement Agency of the Unites States (DEA) of conspiracy against his government. He ordered the suspension of any activity in the Bolivian territory, a country that is enlisted as […]

Bolivia’s opposition to trade agreements caused reaction in Lima

The Peruvian Chancellor, José García Belaunde, stated that Peru will continue with its process of commercial agreements, especially with US and Europe, even if that is not pleasant to Bolivia, which Evo Morales’ government has opposed in a strong campaign that has been very critics to the Lima’s negotiations.   Bolivia does not want to […]

What is asking Peru from Chile

The controversy among Chile and Peru for the sovereignty of certain maritime areas is a conflict that started at the beginning of the 19th century. By Albeiro Rodas, Map by Adonde.com The Colombian Passport. What many do not know or do not remember, is that Peru was actually the colonial capital of South America, at […]