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In a coma

Inside the context of the international short film festival in Bogota, I want to write about some of my favorite short movies. Of course, there are many and from many nations and I believe this is becoming already a new (old) film gender – I said old because short films were the first experiments during the […]

Colombia, luxury destination according to US travel guide

If in past decades it was crazy to think in Colombia as a tourist destination, things are changing. The interest for the South American nation is growing, especially in US and Europe that used to regard Colombia as a pariah country and a dangerous spot. But is it true that Colombia is a safe place […]

A Classical Music Festival in Cartagena de Indias

Normally a Caribbean city like Cartagena de Indias can be associated to Salsa, Vallenato and tropical dances. But this time Cartagena de Indias, the first tourist spot of Colombia, is the scenery of the most exquisite taste for classical music. And the best musicians of the world accepted the challenge to give concerts in one […]

Bogota hardens control of consumption of liquor

As a measure to prevent insecurity in the city, the authorities will harden the control on consumption of liquor, the access of underage people to night clubs and the close of discos and pubs after 3AM.

Non-going places in Bogotá

Caracol Radio published today 31 non-going places in Bogotá, due to their level of insecurity. Good information for tourists to visit the capital of Colombia. Although levels of criminality have descended in the last years, it is better to be aware of those places that could be risky. Anyway, hotels and agencies will prevent visitors […]

Rumba in Colombia

Out of beautiful places to visit in Colombia, one of those things that a foreign tourist can not forget is what is called in the country “Rumba“. In Cuba, Rumba means a kind of dance developed in the island from African roots. In Colombia, it became more than a dance, a cultural element of enjoyment, […]

Medellín and Bogotá, a competition of lights

If Medellín, with its great company of energy, EEPPdeMed (Medellín Public Enterprises), one of the biggest in South America, has been by tradition the light capital in a Colombian December, now it has to put more attention, since other Colombian cities are improving their own Christmas public lights every year. The first one is the […]

Bogotá??? Better to see!

– Tell me something about Bogotá… I suppose is the biggest village of Colombia… – Yes, it is… it is the biggest village… but, better to see… come and see my Bogotá!

Bogotá Colombia according to the StampCollector

Adam Blenford, the StampCollector, saw Bogotá and he wrote about it in his blog. He is a British journalist and photographer, based in London. Bogota is a surprising choice for an enlightened eco-city. Sprawling between ranges of Colombia’s Andean heights, the city is the eighth-biggest in South America, as any reputable guidebook will tell you. […]