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Is the Universe infinite?

Counting is infinite… it is as an abstraction of some mathematics’ schools. In practice – making my own speculations – counting is related to matter and action. As action is linked to matter as well, let us include it in matter as a whole. When we count, we are counting something real. Therefore, counting just […]

The Black Holes are not black…

The most interesting is that Black Holes produce much energy. Although they are very small objects, they are brighter than stars and galaxies. The theory is that there is a Black Hole at the center of every galaxy and they probably play a very important role in the formation of galaxies, planets and even life…

An Alien love-story

I called it a love-story because it produces such an impact. I almost cried at the end when the two robots ‘died’ trying to greet the intelligent aliens, though in a very primitive stage, as they were our ancestors of the stone age.

Curiosity… A wonder of our time

It is lovely. Just for this we should suspend any war, any conflict, fight poverty, protect our planet and concentrate in the stars.. We are to be the species of the galaxies, but we need to be together.

The end or the beginning of the world

Let us play once more with speculative scientific games. I like it as a pass time. Especially religious sects have the obsession with the end of time and we are not talking about the Witnesses of Jehovah only, but much religions play with two types of fear: the end of your life and the end […]

The aliens of the sapiens pisces

Let’s imagine for a moment a species of fish developing its brain to get conscience and the light of reason. Let us call this species the¬†sapiens pisces. How would the sapiens pisces see the world, the universe and civilization?¬†