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Approved the FTA with Colombia, asked The Washington Post

Mrs Nancy Pelosi, president of the Chamber of Representative of the US Congress. She argued that the government of president Álvaro Uribe should do more in the protection of unionist activists in Colombia in order to approve the FTA. A new claim to approve the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia asked The Washington Post in […]

Latin America welcomes Obama

Latin American countries welcome the election of the new USA president, Barack Obama. From leftist governments like the ones of Caracas and La Paz to the most USA friends like Bogotá and Mexico, there were words of sympathy for the Democratic Senator, who is also the first Afro-American person to be elected as president of […]

Sen Oscar Lizcano released from FARC guerrilla

October closed in Colombia with a news that calls the attention of the international public opinion: A new military success in the release of FARC hostagues, this time of former Senator Oscar Tulio Lizcano from the hands of FARC guerrillas. In this case, the success had the full support of one of the guerrilla men, […]

Speculative capitals should be controlled, said Uribe

President Uribe said this week to Colombian enterprises that speculative capitals should be controlled to avoid financial crisis as the one generated in USA that affected the global markets. The crash of Wall Street this week caused the rejection of the House of Representatives to the financial rescue plan of the government of that country, […]

5 million support Uribe

So far President Alvaro Uribe remains in silence before the idea of a third reelection. Of course, that is what is expected, because technically the National Constitution of Colombia does not contemplate a third reelection. The article that allowed the second and consecutive presidencial reelection was introduced just in 2005 and it was the first […]

A new political crisis and the Peso as a yoyo

By Albeiro Rodas A new political crisis has put the Colombian Peso and the Dollar in a frenetic dance of revaluations and devaluations. The Supreme Court of Justice’s decision to sentence the ex-Senator Yidis Medina, who confessed that she accepted bribery from the government in order to support the constitutional reform that allowed the consecutive […]

The relection of the Democratic Security, said Uribe

President Álvaro Uribe said in an interview with Dario Arismendi, director of Caracol Broadcasting, that he is more interested in the relection of the Democratic Security than in the upholding of the power in a single person. Before the insistence of the well-known journalist if he wants to present his name for a third presidencial […]

The President of the World Bank in Colombia

Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank, is in Colombia and talked about the Colombia – USA Free Trade Agreement, while he said that the Colombian economy is doing well. In a meeting in Casa de Nariño with President Uribe, Zoeillick said that the US Government, democrats and republicans should consider the FTA and approve […]

Welcome to the new Colombia

By Whistle Stopper | Picture “Santa Marta” by Study Tours. Cartagena. As he presses the flesh and meets with the locals in this impoverished slum community, known as Vía Perimetral, Colombian President Álvaro Uribe resembles an American-style urban populist. Short and bespectacled, he has a physical stature that belies his charisma and steely toughness. Uribe […]

Uribe Versus Chávez: The Americas take seat

Foto: Archivo / EL TIEMPO The political tensions between Colombia and Venezuela come already to a highest level with the outspoken speeches of the two most famous current Latin American presidents: Álvaro Uribe of Colombia and leftist Hugo Chávez. The Venezuelan President said that Uribe is a lier and that Colombia needs a best president, […]

I lost the truest, said Chavez

Caracas — ColPas. President Hugo Chávez said that he lost the truest and that it is serious for the relations among the two countries. Chavez said also that President Uribe should ask him first clarification about the incident before taking a such a decition and that it was a violation of the agreement they have […]

Colombian Uribe boosts tough-guy image over Chavez

By Hugh Bronstein BOGOTA, Nov 23 (Reuters) – When President Alvaro Uribe abruptly fired Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez this week as mediator in hostage talks with rebels it confirmed Uribe as the kind of tough decision maker most Colombians say the country needs. A quick-to-anger micro-manager who takes charge of everything from army offensives to road […]

Sarkozy would send letter to Uribe, said El Universal

President Chávez and Sen Córdoba, former mediators in the humanitarian release of the guerrilla hostages. Caracoal Broadcasting Picture. El Universal of Venezuela said that the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy would send a letter to the Colombian president Alvaro Uribe asking to reconsider his decision on canceling the mediation of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez with […]