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Colombian politics, everything but boring

Colombian politics can be corrupted, elite controlled, closely linked to the paramilitaries, but is it never boring and for an outsider (with a sense of black humor) is always plain amusing.

This is attested by the following interesting twists that have recently taken place in the Colombian political landscape.

In Colombia, the Congressmen who were bribed to vote, or to miss the vote, for amending the constitution so Uribe could run for a second term were found guilty by the Supreme Court and sent to jail. Yet the inspector General absolved the government officials who bribed these same people.

In Colombia, one of ministers who was absolved by the Inspector General conveniently claimed that the Supreme Court was politicizing justice.

In Colombia, the political and business forces who want Uribe to run for a third consecutive term managed to formulate the referendum question in such a way that Uribe would not be running immediately but only four years after his second term expires. Congressmen then had to bend parliamentary rules to the maximum to amend the amateurish error.

The Venezuela of Chávez fears writer Vargas Llosa

The presence of prestigious Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa has risen concerns in the Venezuela of president Hugo Chávez, famous for his socialist project for the South American nation. Vargas Llosa, one of the most important authors of the Hispanic literature, came to Caracas for the International Congress on Freedom and Democracy organized by the […]

Third reelections between democracy and continuity

Presidential reelection is a new figure in the political history of Colombia. It was recently established by a reform to the 197th article of the National Constitution under the 2310 decree of 2004. The article said: “Nadie podrá ser elegido para ocupar la Presidencia de la República por más de dos períodos” “Nobody can be […]

Debate on journalist dismissal

Javier Darío Restrepo worked in El Colombiano for 17 years as a columnist of opinion. This is the prestigious daily newspaper of Medellín that was founded in 1912. He was suspended to continue under the argument that the administration was reorganizing the opinion section. The action became a news in Colombia and opened the debate […]

Welcome to Colombia without visa, said President Uribe

Does your country ask visa to Colombians? Then, Colombia does not ask visa to you Bogotá. President Álvaro Uribe said today in Corferias that Colombia will facilitate the coming of international tourism for example abolishing visas. His statement was given during the opening of the 28th Tourist Exposition of the Colombian Association of Travel and […]

Farc hostage release, a political gesture

Former governor of Meta released Farc is not defeated, said Hara Negotiated solution, only way, said Hara The former governor of the State of Meta, Alan Jara, was released by Farc, according to the promise of that guerrilla. Jara was kidnapped by Farc on 15th July 2001 when he was inaugurating a bridge in Lejanias […]

Colombia waits hostages release by Farc

Medellín | ColPass. Colombians wait that this coming Sunday the Farc guerrillas will release six of the hostages according to their promise on 21rst of December. “We wait to know that six of those persons hold by the guerrilla, are free. It is like they belong to our own family“, said a mother of family […]

Uribe would not run for next elections

President Álvaro Uribe would not run for third presidential period according to the words of journalist Ana Mercedes Gómez Martínez, director of El Colombia newspaper of Medellín. The journalist made public the statement of the president saying that she has authorization to say it and that it is sure that he will not present his […]

Alo President? – ¿Sí Presidente? Obama called Uribe

Uribe in Europe to participate in the World Economic Forum The possibilities of a meeting between Obama and Uribe became almost a myth. The first ally of Bush in the Western Hemisphere and the new president of the United States that has opposed the approval of the free trade agreement with Colombia due to unsatisfied […]

A friendly press conference between two controversial presidents

Cartagena | ColPas. The meeting of the two most controversial presidents of Latin America in Cartagena de Indias was rather friendly. Even if journalists touched hot subjects like the Farc hostages that broke relations between Chávez and Uribe since November 2007 or the issue of the reelection that both leaders are looking. But the most […]

Colombia and Venezuela set up fund to finance micro and small enterprises

Cartagena | ColPas. The presidents of Colombia and Venezuela announced the creation of a fund to finance micro and small enterprises as a measure to face the the global recession. The fund will start with resources for 200 million dollars with an equal participation of both countries.

What Uribe and Chávez will talk in Cartagena

The two most famous presidents of the Americas will meet in Cartagena de Indias at the end of this month. On 24th January Álvaro Uribe of Colombia and Hugo Chávez of Venezuela will have a meeting to discuss the effects of the financial crisis in the two South American nations.

A month after of the Farc promise

The promise of the Farc guerrillas to free some of the hostages at the beginning of January, met a month already. The guerrillas communicated on 21rst of December that they would release some of the hostages as a proof of their willing of a dialogue of peace and a humanitarian interchange. They said also that […]

Uribe’s popularity declined, but remains the first

The popularity of the presidency of Colombian Álvaro Uribe has been the highest of the Americas since his first election in 2001. He was able to open gates of hope for a country that was under the reign of terror between communist guerrillas, paramilitary groups, mafia and urban violence in the main Colombian cities. Even […]

Farc, a drug cartel, said Uribe in Panama

The Farc guerrillas made one of the biggest cartels of drug trafficking of the world, said president Álvaro Uribe in a meeting with the presidents of Panama, Guatemala and Mexico to discuss agreements to fight organized crime in the region.

If Mono Jojoy gives up, he can be free, says Uribe

President Uribe said that if Mono Jojoy, one of the strongest leaders of the Farc guerrilla, whose real name is Jorge Briceño Suárez, gives up, he could obtain benefits from the government and even freedom.

The Medal of Freedom belongs to the Colombians, said Uribe

The president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe, said in a press conference in Washington that the Medal of Freedom given by president Bush to him, belongs to all Colombians and the policemen and soldiers that work for peace in his country.

Bush gave Medal of Freedom to Uribe, Blair and Howard

As polemic like his last press conference in Monday, was also the Medal of Freedom that leaving President George Bush decided to give to the Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, besides the former premiers of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair and of Australia, John Howard, the three of them considered his more near allies in what […]

Colombia within the Bush´s disappointments

No other American president has been so linked to Colombia like George Bush in modern times. During his eight years presidency, the Latin American nation was regarded as the strongest allied of the USA in the Western Hemisphere. By the other hand, the government of Álvaro Uribe had in Bush a big support. But within […]

Cortes de Cádiz for Freedom Award for President Uribe

The municipality of Cádiz, Spain, decided to give an award to President Álvaro Uribe for his fights in favor of freedom. It is the first version of the recent created award that the Spaniard city wants to give to persons or organizations that contribute for freedom in the Spanish-speaking world.

Farc tricky the country, said Uribe

Another strong statement of President Álvaro Uribe against Farc and Eln guerrillas. He called them “terrorists” that appear to the world as poets and revolutionaries, but are “only killers and drug traffickers”.