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47 years old’s interview

Here are some questions sent to me during the approach of my 47th birthday (October 10, 2017.) Enjoy. Do you believe in God?  I believe in reason and science, because they allow humanity to advance, to discover new frontiers and even to survive. After all these years inside my own being, I don’t think my […]

In a coma

Inside the context of the international short film festival in Bogota, I want to write about some of my favorite short movies. Of course, there are many and from many nations and I believe this is becoming already a new (old) film gender – I said old because short films were the first experiments during the […]

Shell’s pay out and implications for Colombia

Incidents where Multinational Corporations (MNCs) sponsor massacres in order to eradicate dissenting voices against their obsession for profit have been a motif through Colombia’s history. At the beginning of the 20th century it was the army who suppressed labor protests. The best example is the Banana Massacre in 1928 in which the army exterminated laborer […]

They displaced Juan Valdez himself

Martin Muñoz sold me a chocolate three days before his 55th birthday. He and his frail looking wife were busy trying to get the 12,000 pesos together to pay their shabby downtown Medellín hotel. Their four children were waiting for them to come “home” when I gave them 200 pesos. Don Martin wasn’t the average […]

I’m Sicario because “I love you”

Sicario, that ancient Roman world for ‘hired-killer’, was updated in the Latin American Spanish by the Colombian mafias since the 1980s. The figure of a “professional” assassin got a kind of fascination not only by popular stories, but literature and movies. It even attracted prestigious writers like Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa who traveled to Medellín […]

The bloody Mancusos’ history of Colombia

Related: Mancuso admits responsibility for 4 massacres It seems that the name of Salvatore Mancuso will linger long in what is the present Colombian history. From a jail in Washington, the former war lord of the Paramilitary groups known as AUC, makes that many tremble in the South American nation. Many of them, victims, relatives […]

International Congress on Terrorism’s Victims in Medellín

The 5th International Congress on Terrorism’s Victims will gather in Medellín this weekend with personalities like the princesses of Asturias of Spain, Felipe de Borbón and Leticia Ortiz. The Congress will be close down by president Felipe Calderón of Mexico. The Congress is an attend to give honor to those persons who have been victims […]

“False War”, a military shame

Definitely situations of conflict, war and terrorism cause amaze and horror. The long Colombian conflict is a great example of how humans can fall in what Herman Hess stated: “Man is a wolf for man”. Then horror and crime come often to be perversely clever. Now it happens that in the run to show results, […]

Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration, International Forum in Cartagena

The initiative is of the Colombian government and 46 countries accepted the invitation of the International Forum “Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration” as a space to share experiences in this matter. Colombia, of course, is an expert with a long standing conflict of five decades and several attends to obtain peace. However, the government of president […]

Safe and Unsafe Places in Colombia

Is safe to visit Colombia? The answer to this question is yes and no. In order to say that it is safe and no to visit Colombia, you have to know that there are many “Colombians”, because it is a huge and multicultural country. Then, the question should be which Colombia you want to visit. […]

Wake up Medellín!

“¡Medellín, despierta!” (Wake up, Medellín) is one of the cultural and artistic programs of the municipality for the most marginalized barrios of the city. Last 19th April the Medellín nightlife went up the comunas (districts) to “give life to the night” with musicians, dances, performances and films. Barrio Granizal in the 1rst District (Comuna 1) […]

Medellín, Model City for What

It seems that to state Medellín as “Model City of Development”, according with the IDB considerations, is difficult to accept for many. Moreover, Colombia has been chocked by some events that seem to defeat that optimistic vision of an improvement in security: young guns in the cities, paramilitary groups are back and the so call […]

“The Village of the Widows” from Colombian writer Cañón

By Javier González * / Translated by Albeiro Rodas Barcelona. “La Otra Orilla”, a publishing house of Norma Group, published recently in Spain “La aldea de las viudas” (The Village of the Widows) of the Colombian author James Cañón. The novel has been regarded as “an important contribution to the Latin American literature” by the […]

Colombia, luxury destination according to US travel guide

If in past decades it was crazy to think in Colombia as a tourist destination, things are changing. The interest for the South American nation is growing, especially in US and Europe that used to regard Colombia as a pariah country and a dangerous spot. But is it true that Colombia is a safe place […]

Why legalize drugs seems a taboo

If we are going to talk about a modern taboo, it is the problem of legalize drugs. From a simple view, it seems like a kind of idea that would destroy our civilizations. Drugs is something that is naturally fight by military and judicial repression and this conception is openly hold by the drug czar […]

Medellín, Art and Development

Medellín is ready for great challenges again, this time different to those of violence that made its name internationally infamous. The city of Juanes, Fernando Botero and Camilo Villegas is showing its face as a model of development. At least it is recognized by the Inter American Development Bank that decided to have Medellín as […]

OAS condemned mass killing of Indigenous by Farc

The Organization of the American States condemned the mass killing of indigenous of the Awa people in Colombia under the action of the Farc guerrilla this month. OAS asked also to Farc the devolution of the corps in a tragic event that began when a group of that guerrilla executed several persons at the beginning […]

Colombian indigenous: Among war, poverty and powerlessness

Indigenous authorities of Colombia and Ecuador gave an ultimatum to Farc A new strong condemnation to Farc rose this month after the communist guerrilla declared that some indigenous persons of the Awa communities have been executed because “they were spies of the army“. Awa is the name of an ancestral people of the southwest of […]

Press Fredom for a Colombian celebration

Colombia will celebrate the Day of the Journalist today with a record of 130 violations to the Press Fredom, according to Maria Teresa Ronderos, director of The number, however, is inferior of what it was in 2007 in 32 cases. The information is provided by “Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa” (Foundation for the […]

A Colombian, victim of violence in New Jersey

Wilter Sánchez, a 33 years old Colombian living in New Jersey, was victim of a violent attack last Wednesday. He was walking with his cousin Fernando Quincha toward a restaurant, when a car approached to them. The car stopped and five men came out. Fearing an attack, bot began to run, but Sánchez slipped on […]

Colombian disabled conquered the peaks of Aconcagua

Five disabled Colombians conquered the pick of the second tallest mountain of the world: Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina. The team is made by four soldiers and a civilian who were victims of mines. They committed themselves to climb the tallest mountains in Colombia and the Americas.

Farc, a drug cartel, said Uribe in Panama

The Farc guerrillas made one of the biggest cartels of drug trafficking of the world, said president Álvaro Uribe in a meeting with the presidents of Panama, Guatemala and Mexico to discuss agreements to fight organized crime in the region.

Excommunication for drug traffic mafias?

Excommunication, a term with a strict Catholic relation, means a decision of the leaders of any religion to expel from its community any member or group that do not respect the doctrines or make actions against the morality of that religious system. During the Middle Age, excommunication was particularly used against writers and thinkers in […]

Mancuso asked in extradition to Colombia

Salvatore Mancuso, the former leader of the Paramilitary groups, was asked in extradition by a judge of Bogotá. He is accused of kidnapping the sister of Nicolás Rodríguez Bautista and his brother-in-law. Bautista, who is also known as Gabino, is a leader of the guerrilla group ELN.

Trade deal, the problem is human rights

Washington | Colombia Passport. The issue on the approval of a US – Colombia free trade agreement stops in a big red “traffic light”: The problem of human rights in the South American nation. Discussions can be done about the importance of the deal for both countries, but the fact is that human rights will […]