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Coming back soon! In holidays…

We are currently in holidays. Coming back after 20th April 2009. Thank you to our visitors for reading Colombia Passport. Please enjoy the articles and be kind to let us comments to improve the project. Albeiro Rodas

Sí Chávez and opposition growing

An optimistic Chávez visited Raúl Castro this weekend and shouted “¡Viva Cuba!, ¡Viva Fidel! y ¡Viva Raúl!” at La Habana airport. They met for a “visit of work” after a referendum gave the “Sí” to the possibility of an infinite reelection to the president of Venezuela. Though the “Yes” won, nobody of the happy Chávez […]

Medellín and Bogotá, a competition of lights

If Medellín, with its great company of energy, EEPPdeMed (Medellín Public Enterprises), one of the biggest in South America, has been by tradition the light capital in a Colombian December, now it has to put more attention, since other Colombian cities are improving their own Christmas public lights every year. The first one is the […]

Vigil with the hostages in Bogotá

Christmas is a great time of family unity in a Latin American culture like Colombia. However, many Colombian families will not stay together this year. The problem is that they have not been together since more than a decade, because somebody was always missing. Surely many people will be missing at home this Christmas and […]

Colombian Telenovela: Latin American Special Case

When you listen about Latin American telenovelas (soft operas), surely you will remember the Mexican or Brazilian ones and their love story series. Mexico and Brazil are two of the first producers of telenovelas and they have been sold hundreds to the five continents. Telenovelas are, without doubts, the “Latin American Hollywood“. Even if several […]

DMG, Illicit enrichment nightmare

The word “Pyramid” as related to the ancient Egyptian sites, lost meaning in Colombia this year. Rather, it became a word of nightmare for many who followed the DMG and crushed in their own financial crisis, causing a national scam. It is not other thing that an astonishing case of illicit enrichment and how it […]

What about Chávez

Short analysis on the presidency of Hugo Chávez of Venezuela.

Colombia no-smoking place

Colombians are not allowed to smoke in public places anymore. The Ministry of Social Protection announced that bars, discos, restaurants, theaters, universities, bus terminals and other public places must follow the norms that forbid the use of cigarettes. The owners of public places are ordered not to attend persons who smoke and can call the […]

Three Colombians nominated by Fox Sport Channel

Three Colombians were nominated by Fox Sport Channels to the annual awards. Oscar Córdoba, Elkin Serna and Gustavo Yacamán, were the names included by the prestigious sport channel in different modalities of international recognizance for their sport performances. The Colombian goalkeeper Oscar Córdoba has been nominated to the “Outstanding Career” Aware.

Heavy rains hit Colombia and Latin America

Heavy rains hit Colombia and Latin America causing landslides, flooding and hundreds of victims in different regions. It is already more than two months of rains and thousand of persons have lost their houses in Colombia and Brazil, according to local medias. A heavy rain on the city of Ibagué, southwest of Bogotá, destroyed more […]

No recession in Colombia, said Finance Ministry

Neither recession nor financial crisis in Colombia, said the Ministry of Finance, Oscar Iván Zuluaga in an economical forum in Cartagena de Indias last week. The Minister, cited by Portafolio, the Colombian magazine on economics, said that the national economic is preserved from the global financial crisis due to a better domestic fiscal scenario, and […]

Michelle Rouillard Estrada, Miss Colombia 2009

By Albeiro Rodas — Pictures from Colombia celebrates the election of its beauty queen for 2009. Michelle Rouillard Estrada was crowned last night in Cartagena de Indias as the new Miss Colombia in the traditional national contest. Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia 2007, passed the crown to her successor and the responsibility to represent the […]

Bolivia suspended DEA operations

The deteriorating relations among the leftist government of Bolivian president Evo Morales and Washington came to its worst moment last week when he accused the Drug Enforcement Agency of the Unites States (DEA) of conspiracy against his government. He ordered the suspension of any activity in the Bolivian territory, a country that is enlisted as […]

Electricity would connect three nations

Colombia, República Dominicana and Puerto Rico would be connected by a 2,700 kilometer long cable of electricity The visit of President Alvaro Uribe to República Dominicana for the possession of the new President, Leonel Fernández, put on the news the idea of a big project that would provide electricity for the Caribbean nation and Puerto […]

Former Bishop, New President, Paraguay

Another leftist in the Latin American context, in this time coming from the conservative Catholic Church: Fernando Lugo, a former Bishop, became last week President of Paraguay among expectancies for the development of this poor South American nation. The Economist descrived him as “a bearded, sandal-waering liberation theologian, a campaigner for the poor and for […]

Fals Borda, a life of sociology in Colombia

Another personality who died in Colombia recently was Orlando Fals Borda, a name that became common in the Colombian universities and at large in the Latin American world of intellectuals. What is the meaning of Fals Borda as a scholar for the studies of the Colombian society is something that will come when his work […]

Fanny Mickey, from Argentina to the Colombian stages

Colombia and Argentina cry for Fanny Mickey, a charismatic woman, who was able to lead one of the most important artistic events of the Americas, the Ibero-American Festival of Theatre of Bogotá. She passed away last 16 of August in the World Capital of Salsa, Cali, but Bogotá disputed with the third largest Colombian city […]

5 million support Uribe

So far President Alvaro Uribe remains in silence before the idea of a third reelection. Of course, that is what is expected, because technically the National Constitution of Colombia does not contemplate a third reelection. The article that allowed the second and consecutive presidencial reelection was introduced just in 2005 and it was the first […]

Politic under fire, “Para” and “Farc” – Politic

What is politic is under fire in Colombia today. The process that brought the Para-militaries to give up the guns and start a peace dialogue, conducted also to what is called in Colombia “Parapolitica“, it is to say, investigations to hight rank personalities in the goverment and Congress in their links to the Para-military groups. […]

Chocó called liars the officials of its development

The name “Chocó” means in Colombia poverty. Paradoxally, Chocó is the first producer of gold and other natural resources. Roads and other means of communication are in a very poor state and development seen to be not for this beautiful Colombian state that has one of the most wide rivers of the world, Atrato. However, […]

Mexico, a world economy to invest

The study of Corporate America, published in July 2008 by AméricaEconomía, shows the ten best country for investment and Mexico as the thirs most favorable country for that after China and India. The two Asian countries have had a fast economic growing that make them ideal for world investores, while Mexico is at the third […]

Colombian exports increased

May 2008 presented an increase in the Colombian exportation of 25.7%, said in its report the National Administrative Department of Statistics of Colombia (DANE). It means that between January and May 2008 the Colombian exportation rose in about USD 15,401.4 million to become 36.3% more than 2007 at the same period. Traditional export rose in […]

Villegas shines on open debut

Just five years after Ben Curtis won The Open at his first attempt Colombian young gun Camilo Villegas has the chance to do the same. A dazzling finish of five successive birdies gave the 26-year-old Colombian – not even in the event until American Kenny Perry turned down his spot two weeks ago – a […]