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Why I don’t believe in UFO sightings

Here the beginning of my skepticism on UFO sightseeing, this talk of our dear Karl Sagan when I was a teenager: My point will be the following ones: If there is an intelligent alien civilization able to travel trillions of miles to visit us, why would they show up to single Earth citizens? Would it […]


The idea of the existence of alien life in other planets, galaxies or whatever far in the distance, it’s taking root in the mind of modern and technological societies. See this article, Does alien life exits?, with excellent references of experts discussing the point. Watch also this very illustrative video by In a Nutshell on the Fermi Paradox, where […]

Sending messages to aliens

The METI project (Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence) seems more a chapter of human vanity than real science and, as many scholars suggest such Stephen Hawking, it can be risky, dangerous, because it could attract an unknown hostile civilization to our tiny planet with unthinkable consequences. It is by sure a very pessimistic speculation, but it […]

Is the Universe infinite?

Counting is infinite… it is as an abstraction of some mathematics’ schools. In practice – making my own speculations – counting is related to matter and action. As action is linked to matter as well, let us include it in matter as a whole. When we count, we are counting something real. Therefore, counting just […]

The Black Holes are not black…

The most interesting is that Black Holes produce much energy. Although they are very small objects, they are brighter than stars and galaxies. The theory is that there is a Black Hole at the center of every galaxy and they probably play a very important role in the formation of galaxies, planets and even life…

Time in the mind

The illusion of time… Yes. It’s an illusion. It depends very much on space. But it depends also of mind. Time is a convention. A convention is a human agreement between many. Conventions can become law if most and most people assume it such it is. Time is an illusion and it depends very much […]

The end or the beginning of the world

Let us play once more with speculative scientific games. I like it as a pass time. Especially religious sects have the obsession with the end of time and we are not talking about the Witnesses of Jehovah only, but much religions play with two types of fear: the end of your life and the end […]