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47 years old´s interview (2/5)

Are you happy? Yes. But happiness in the West is lost in confusion, as many other values and sentiments. The deep meaning of ancient concepts are lost in a difficult network of unexpected situations. The technologies contributed in big share to such a lost, but I don´t blame them alone. They are only the result […]

47 years old’s interview

Here are some questions sent to me during the approach of my 47th birthday (October 10, 2017.) Enjoy. Do you believe in God?  I believe in reason and science, because they allow humanity to advance, to discover new frontiers and even to survive. After all these years inside my own being, I don’t think my […]

Poverty is a vicious circle

There are many ideas of poverty.  I was grown as a poor kid in a Medellín´s commune (poor and violent), but it does not make me an authorized voice to say what poverty is at all.  Sociologists, policy designers and other scientists study poverty, so they can make more exact definitions.  But some people suggest […]

Rajoy became Obama’s bellboy

The incident of a presidential aircraft forced down in Europe this week touches the height of absurdity and damages the image of standing democracies of countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and, of course, United States of America, culmen democratia. Although the pink South American bloque made by Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia is not my favorite one, […]

Freedom of press as a human right

Policy makers and governments should know that information is a human right. People has the right to know what is happening in their society, their country and the planet everywhere, even if such information is labeled by certain individuals as top secret or confidential under premises such as national security or global wars on anything. 

Perpetuating in power – for Dummies

Colombia has been influenced by many countries in diverse regards. However, in terms of politics Colombia can be proud of being unique in the world. This is more evident with the very original and irreverent ways in which the government is seeking to remain in power. Something other countries’ governments can learn from. The following […]

Shell’s pay out and implications for Colombia

Incidents where Multinational Corporations (MNCs) sponsor massacres in order to eradicate dissenting voices against their obsession for profit have been a motif through Colombia’s history. At the beginning of the 20th century it was the army who suppressed labor protests. The best example is the Banana Massacre in 1928 in which the army exterminated laborer […]

Colombian politics, everything but boring

Colombian politics can be corrupted, elite controlled, closely linked to the paramilitaries, but is it never boring and for an outsider (with a sense of black humor) is always plain amusing.

This is attested by the following interesting twists that have recently taken place in the Colombian political landscape.

In Colombia, the Congressmen who were bribed to vote, or to miss the vote, for amending the constitution so Uribe could run for a second term were found guilty by the Supreme Court and sent to jail. Yet the inspector General absolved the government officials who bribed these same people.

In Colombia, one of ministers who was absolved by the Inspector General conveniently claimed that the Supreme Court was politicizing justice.

In Colombia, the political and business forces who want Uribe to run for a third consecutive term managed to formulate the referendum question in such a way that Uribe would not be running immediately but only four years after his second term expires. Congressmen then had to bend parliamentary rules to the maximum to amend the amateurish error.

Three Latin American intellectuals accepted challenge of Chávez

Three Latin American intellectuals, the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa and the Mexican Jorge Castañeda Gutman and Enrique Krauze, accepted the challenge of president Hugo Chávez to open a public debate in his program “Aló Presidente!. The program of the president has a special edition this week with a daily emission between 8 and 10 […]

The Venezuela of Chávez fears writer Vargas Llosa

The presence of prestigious Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa has risen concerns in the Venezuela of president Hugo Chávez, famous for his socialist project for the South American nation. Vargas Llosa, one of the most important authors of the Hispanic literature, came to Caracas for the International Congress on Freedom and Democracy organized by the […]

Third reelections between democracy and continuity

Presidential reelection is a new figure in the political history of Colombia. It was recently established by a reform to the 197th article of the National Constitution under the 2310 decree of 2004. The article said: “Nadie podrá ser elegido para ocupar la Presidencia de la República por más de dos períodos” “Nobody can be […]

Mario Benedetti, a Latin American voice

The name of Mario Benedetti is very familiar in all the Hispanic world, even for those who are not interested in poetry or literature. However, the Uruguayan poet was not a name linked only to literature, but he was a man able to represent the Latin American identity and the fights for freedom of expression […]

Freedom of Disagree

By Javier Darío Restrepo Translated by Albeiro Rodas Medellín | Published in El Colombiano on 7th May 2009 Although our daily reality, nothing was said about the freedom of disagree last Sunday… It lacked to proclaim that being in disagreement with a government does not make a person a terrorist, an accomplice of the FARC […]

Debate on journalist dismissal

Javier Darío Restrepo worked in El Colombiano for 17 years as a columnist of opinion. This is the prestigious daily newspaper of Medellín that was founded in 1912. He was suspended to continue under the argument that the administration was reorganizing the opinion section. The action became a news in Colombia and opened the debate […]

Entrepreneur Ricardo Martinelli, new elected president of Panama

Ricardo Martinelli, an entrepreneur and the main leader of the opposition, was elected president of Panama with a 60 per cent of voting, according to the National Election Council of the South American nation. The second in the elections was the social-democrat Balbina Herrera who got a voting between 32 and 36 per cent, while […]

Rafael Correa Second Term

President Nicolas Sarkozy sent a communication to congratulate the reelection of Rafael Correa, the first president to follow a second term in the South American nation since decades ago and the first to give a political stability to it after ten years of “temporary governments” since president Jorge Jamil Mahuad Witt was forced to resign […]

“The Village of the Widows” from Colombian writer Cañón

By Javier González * / Translated by Albeiro Rodas Barcelona. “La Otra Orilla”, a publishing house of Norma Group, published recently in Spain “La aldea de las viudas” (The Village of the Widows) of the Colombian author James Cañón. The novel has been regarded as “an important contribution to the Latin American literature” by the […]

Chávez in Iran

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, arrived to Tehran to pay a “strategic visit” in order to tie political and economical links with the ayatollahs’ regime. He will visit China and Japan after. Chávez will meet president Mahmud Ahmadineyad, a radical conservative that has visited Venezuela as well and some other Latin American nations. Iran, […]

Adiós Alfonsín! Argentina cries

Many remember Raul Alfonsín, the first democratic elected president of Argentina after the military regime. He governed his country between 1983 and 1989 and faced the difficult time of reestablishing democracy in the Austral country. Today the Argentinians said adiós in the National Congress and he will have his last dwelling in Recoleta Cemetery, at […]

Colombia and Ecuador, lost without solution

The conflict between Colombia and Ecuador is one year older and the solution is far to become real. At least is the impression given by General Secretary of the American States Organization, José Miguel Insulza, in Bogotá yesterday after the declaration of president Correa in Quito. For Insulza the words of Correa were just as […]

Funes, a tv journalist, is the next president of El Salvador

A journalist and representing the socialist “Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional – FMLN against ARENA party, won the presidential elections of El Salvador. ARENA, a right-wind party, has been in power since 1989 and Carlos Mauricio Funes Cartagena, 49, has been one of its most representative critics. Although the results show the political […]

Lula and Obama, Latin America and USA

For many observers the meeting of Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Washington with US president Barack Obama was the first important encounter among US and Latin America during the government of the new president at the White House. Undoubtedly, Lula became one of the most representative political leaders of the region and […]

Press Fredom for a Colombian celebration

Colombia will celebrate the Day of the Journalist today with a record of 130 violations to the Press Fredom, according to Maria Teresa Ronderos, director of The number, however, is inferior of what it was in 2007 in 32 cases. The information is provided by “Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa” (Foundation for the […]