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House of healing in the ancestral way

San Agustin, Colombia — A group of elders from the Amazon decided to make the way up the heights of the Colombian Massif, a standing spiritual region with ancient stone statues where the main Colombian rivers have their cradle. Taita Hector Yaiguajé Coca, an elder in his 80’s, crossed the Putumayo river, took a flight inside a small craft […]

Rajoy became Obama’s bellboy

The incident of a presidential aircraft forced down in Europe this week touches the height of absurdity and damages the image of standing democracies of countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and, of course, United States of America, culmen democratia. Although the pink South American bloque made by Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia is not my favorite one, […]

In a coma

Inside the context of the international short film festival in Bogota, I want to write about some of my favorite short movies. Of course, there are many and from many nations and I believe this is becoming already a new (old) film gender – I said old because short films were the first experiments during the […]

A festival on short films in Colombia

Bogota. Next 29th of  June the capital of Colombia closes down the 10th International Festival on Short Films and El Espejo Film Schools. The total number of short films in exhibition is of 118 and it has the space to appreciate the winner films of the Berlin International Festival that counts with the presence of María Morata […]

Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia & Israel to Honduras

Honduras will be at the center of the international media this week. The Central America nation is the seat of the 39th Organization of American States’ summit in San Pedro Sula. Then it can be forecast which countries will get more attention: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, United States, Iran and Israel. Surely it will be interested […]

Three Latin American intellectuals accepted challenge of Chávez

Three Latin American intellectuals, the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa and the Mexican Jorge Castañeda Gutman and Enrique Krauze, accepted the challenge of president Hugo Chávez to open a public debate in his program “Aló Presidente!. The program of the president has a special edition this week with a daily emission between 8 and 10 […]

Argentina has the best schools of economy in LatAm

The best schools of economy in Latin America are in Argentina, according with the research of AmericaEconomía. The 2009 ranking of the best schools of economy in the region measured three dimensions: actions in the support of social labor, the size in the number of graduates and the professional success reached by its more outstanding […]

Outstanding LatAmerican Immigrants in Canada

Colombia en London & ColombiaPassport. The 25 Top Canadian Immigrants Awards, has selected the most outstanding “new” Canadians for this year, among 300 immigrants from 195 countries who have chosen Canada as their new place of living. The selection was based also in the postulation made by their own cultural communities and was sponsored by […]

Costa Rica with the best place for living in LatAm

According with a recent study of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Costa Rica was perceived as the best place to live in Latin American and the Caribbeans. It has the best standard of life, economical situation, and the best national system of health and education, according with its own people. The results, published also by […]

The Venezuela of Chávez fears writer Vargas Llosa

The presence of prestigious Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa has risen concerns in the Venezuela of president Hugo Chávez, famous for his socialist project for the South American nation. Vargas Llosa, one of the most important authors of the Hispanic literature, came to Caracas for the International Congress on Freedom and Democracy organized by the […]

Colombia will become destiny of migration

There have been only two big groups of foreign migration into Colombia since the 16th century: the Spaniards that led a conquest over the territory and migrated by different groups over the next 300 years, and the Arabs since the 19th century. Other groups of migrations have been less notice and rapidly integrated to the […]

Mario Benedetti, a Latin American voice

The name of Mario Benedetti is very familiar in all the Hispanic world, even for those who are not interested in poetry or literature. However, the Uruguayan poet was not a name linked only to literature, but he was a man able to represent the Latin American identity and the fights for freedom of expression […]

Debate on journalist dismissal

Javier Darío Restrepo worked in El Colombiano for 17 years as a columnist of opinion. This is the prestigious daily newspaper of Medellín that was founded in 1912. He was suspended to continue under the argument that the administration was reorganizing the opinion section. The action became a news in Colombia and opened the debate […]

Entrepreneur Ricardo Martinelli, new elected president of Panama

Ricardo Martinelli, an entrepreneur and the main leader of the opposition, was elected president of Panama with a 60 per cent of voting, according to the National Election Council of the South American nation. The second in the elections was the social-democrat Balbina Herrera who got a voting between 32 and 36 per cent, while […]

Rafael Correa Second Term

President Nicolas Sarkozy sent a communication to congratulate the reelection of Rafael Correa, the first president to follow a second term in the South American nation since decades ago and the first to give a political stability to it after ten years of “temporary governments” since president Jorge Jamil Mahuad Witt was forced to resign […]

Unemployment, the crisis legacy

Unemployment is the first evident consequence of the global financial crisis, accordint to the Economic Commision for Latin America and the Caribbean region (CEPAL). When economic is reduced, the numbers in unemployment grow naturally. In Latin America, unemployment was 7.5 percent in 2008, while it grew to 9 percent during the first four months of […]

More sons for Lugo

“At this way president Lugo will become the Father of the Nation.” Last 13th April president Fernando Lugo of Paraguay recognized that he is the father of Guillermo Armindo Carrillo, a boy of two years. Now other woman, Damniana Hortencia Morán Amarilla of 39 years old, claims that she has another son of the former […]

Medellín, Model City for What

It seems that to state Medellín as “Model City of Development”, according with the IDB considerations, is difficult to accept for many. Moreover, Colombia has been chocked by some events that seem to defeat that optimistic vision of an improvement in security: young guns in the cities, paramilitary groups are back and the so call […]

Illegals arrested in Canada

Several groups of human rights for migrants protested in London (Canada) the arrest of 79 illegal workers by the Border Service Agency and the Canadian police last week. According with the Spanish online newspaper “Diario El Popular” and “Colombia en London”, authorities are investigating possible abuses against that group of persons hold by the police […]

Woman claims her child is the son of president Lugo

Paraguay. Viviana Rosalith Carillo Cañete, 26 years old, claims her baby is the son of president Fernando Lugo, who is also a former Catholic bishop, according to ABC Digital. The young woman is supported by lawyer Claudio Kostinchock who followed a procedure in a court of the city of Encarnación to demand Lugo to recognize […]

Chávez in Iran

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, arrived to Tehran to pay a “strategic visit” in order to tie political and economical links with the ayatollahs’ regime. He will visit China and Japan after. Chávez will meet president Mahmud Ahmadineyad, a radical conservative that has visited Venezuela as well and some other Latin American nations. Iran, […]

Adiós Alfonsín! Argentina cries

Many remember Raul Alfonsín, the first democratic elected president of Argentina after the military regime. He governed his country between 1983 and 1989 and faced the difficult time of reestablishing democracy in the Austral country. Today the Argentinians said adiós in the National Congress and he will have his last dwelling in Recoleta Cemetery, at […]

Vatican will review Legion of Christ due to its founder

The ultra conservative Catholic religious Order Legion of Christ will get an official visit by Vatican delegates, according to official statements by the same group. In what is known as an Apostolic Visit, the Order called the attention of Pope Benedict after the scandalous revelation of the life of its founder, Father Marcial Maciel who […]

Colombia and Ecuador, lost without solution

The conflict between Colombia and Ecuador is one year older and the solution is far to become real. At least is the impression given by General Secretary of the American States Organization, José Miguel Insulza, in Bogotá yesterday after the declaration of president Correa in Quito. For Insulza the words of Correa were just as […]

Funes, a tv journalist, is the next president of El Salvador

A journalist and representing the socialist “Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional – FMLN against ARENA party, won the presidential elections of El Salvador. ARENA, a right-wind party, has been in power since 1989 and Carlos Mauricio Funes Cartagena, 49, has been one of its most representative critics. Although the results show the political […]