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Conference | The Qhapaq Ñan

Bogotá — The Great Road of the Inca: Building an Empire, is an exposition at the Exploration Hall of the Golden Museum of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia in Bogota. The exposition is created by the National Museum of the American Indigenous and the Smithsonian Institute of Washington. We can make a fascinating travel […]

Super Technologies to save the world

      I would propose this neologism of ‘Super-Technologies’ as an utopia to which we could go in order to save our Human species and our Planet. The high advances of our technology is a fact of proud. We developed to the point that we can explore almost everywhere. Our modern technology gives us […]

Why I don’t believe in UFO sightings

Here the beginning of my skepticism on UFO sightseeing, this talk of our dear Karl Sagan when I was a teenager: My point will be the following ones: If there is an intelligent alien civilization able to travel trillions of miles to visit us, why would they show up to single Earth citizens? Would it […]

The genetic and robotic revolutions

From Things I believe will happen in the future. There is a thing I like will happen in the future and rather in a non very far future: most people that today is regarded as powerful and famous, good or bad, will be forgotten in coming generations, while many anonymous persons of today, will be […]

What Neandertal DNA can teach about race, autism and more

What Neandertal DNA can teach about race, autism and more This is a very good study by John Rennie I like. Personally I don’t believe in a completely extinction of ancient peoples like Neanderthal – for example here Alice Roberts denied the interbreeding, but now we know that Non-Africans have at least 10% of Neanderthals […]

The Psychological Internet Time as Illusion

The use of the Internet changes the personal idea of time Summary: Why internet users have another idea of the passing of time? A single subject is doing many things at the same time and it divides the time in different vectors. It trains the brain to perform multi-task actions even in the real world. […]

An Alien love-story

I called it a love-story because it produces such an impact. I almost cried at the end when the two robots ‘died’ trying to greet the intelligent aliens, though in a very primitive stage, as they were our ancestors of the stone age.

Curiosity… A wonder of our time

It is lovely. Just for this we should suspend any war, any conflict, fight poverty, protect our planet and concentrate in the stars.. We are to be the species of the galaxies, but we need to be together.

Rajoy became Obama’s bellboy

The incident of a presidential aircraft forced down in Europe this week touches the height of absurdity and damages the image of standing democracies of countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and, of course, United States of America, culmen democratia. Although the pink South American bloque made by Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia is not my favorite one, […]

Freedom of press as a human right

Policy makers and governments should know that information is a human right. People has the right to know what is happening in their society, their country and the planet everywhere, even if such information is labeled by certain individuals as top secret or confidential under premises such as national security or global wars on anything. 

Colombia Reports for Good-Looking Intellectuals

While Internet is one of the most powerful means of communication of our century, Colombia is knowing and using it in many ways. In a Spanish nation, with a certain amount of disdain for English, most of the sources of information about this South American country comes exclusively in Spanish. English sources can be rare […]

Many humpback whales you know are likely Colombians

Related: Whales arrive off Colombia’s pacific coast It is said that a child has the right to receive the nationality in the country he is born. If that applies to whales, a large number of them in the Pacific Ocean have the right to a Colombian passport. About 1,200 humpback whales arrive off the Pacific […]

I’m Sicario because “I love you”

Sicario, that ancient Roman world for ‘hired-killer’, was updated in the Latin American Spanish by the Colombian mafias since the 1980s. The figure of a “professional” assassin got a kind of fascination not only by popular stories, but literature and movies. It even attracted prestigious writers like Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa who traveled to Medellín […]

The bloody Mancusos’ history of Colombia

Related: Mancuso admits responsibility for 4 massacres It seems that the name of Salvatore Mancuso will linger long in what is the present Colombian history. From a jail in Washington, the former war lord of the Paramilitary groups known as AUC, makes that many tremble in the South American nation. Many of them, victims, relatives […]

Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia & Israel to Honduras

Honduras will be at the center of the international media this week. The Central America nation is the seat of the 39th Organization of American States’ summit in San Pedro Sula. Then it can be forecast which countries will get more attention: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, United States, Iran and Israel. Surely it will be interested […]

The Venezuela of Chávez fears writer Vargas Llosa

The presence of prestigious Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa has risen concerns in the Venezuela of president Hugo Chávez, famous for his socialist project for the South American nation. Vargas Llosa, one of the most important authors of the Hispanic literature, came to Caracas for the International Congress on Freedom and Democracy organized by the […]

Freedom of Disagree

By Javier Darío Restrepo Translated by Albeiro Rodas Medellín | Published in El Colombiano on 7th May 2009 Although our daily reality, nothing was said about the freedom of disagree last Sunday… It lacked to proclaim that being in disagreement with a government does not make a person a terrorist, an accomplice of the FARC […]

Funes, a tv journalist, is the next president of El Salvador

A journalist and representing the socialist “Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional – FMLN against ARENA party, won the presidential elections of El Salvador. ARENA, a right-wind party, has been in power since 1989 and Carlos Mauricio Funes Cartagena, 49, has been one of its most representative critics. Although the results show the political […]

Mike Peters and Café de Colombia

A reflection on Freedom of Press and rights of a country A month ago cartoonist Mike Peters tasted a bitter coffee. Café de Colombia is promoted worldwide as the best aroma coffee and became a national proud for Colombians. It is also the first product of exportation and keeps a big share of its GDP […]

Press Fredom for a Colombian celebration

Colombia will celebrate the Day of the Journalist today with a record of 130 violations to the Press Fredom, according to Maria Teresa Ronderos, director of The number, however, is inferior of what it was in 2007 in 32 cases. The information is provided by “Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa” (Foundation for the […]

DMG will be on the move for a longtime

DMG is not over and will be on the move for a longtime not only in Colombia but in other countries. At least it can be deducted after the announcement of the creation of a fund organization with that very acronym to support the defense of David Murcia Guzman – DMG stands as an acronym […]

GlobalPost, transforming the coverage of international news in the digital age

Boston – Global Post announces the launch of GlobalPost ( on January 12, 2009. Based in Boston, GlobalPost will be the first Web-based news organization to provide daily international news coverage by its own team of experienced correspondents from every corner of the world. Our blog, Colombia Passport: Economics, Society and Culture in Colombia has […]