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African albino moved the heart of Spain

Spaniards are used to the thousand of African migrants that arrive to the Iberian coasts every year. They know also that most of them would be sent back by authorities once their safety and conditions will be guaranteed. But this time one of those African migrants moved their heart. He was Moszy, a boy of […]

Woman claims her child is the son of president Lugo

Paraguay. Viviana Rosalith Carillo Cañete, 26 years old, claims her baby is the son of president Fernando Lugo, who is also a former Catholic bishop, according to ABC Digital. The young woman is supported by lawyer Claudio Kostinchock who followed a procedure in a court of the city of Encarnación to demand Lugo to recognize […]

Moises Arias of Colombia

If some Colombians dream with an American passport, there are cases of Americans who are proud of say they are Colombians. It is the case of New York-born actor Moises Arias, an American US television actor who is proud of the origin of his parents: Colombia. He is what in Colombia is known as Paisa […]

The Sun Also Rises… For Bulls

If many see the Spanish-style-bullfighting as an element of the Spanish traditions and remember how Ernest Hemingway liked it, it is time to be worry, because time by time the corrida de toros has less friends in the Spanish word. At least in Colombia every city has its own bullfighting plaza and its own schedule […]

Medellín, Art and Development

Medellín is ready for great challenges again, this time different to those of violence that made its name internationally infamous. The city of Juanes, Fernando Botero and Camilo Villegas is showing its face as a model of development. At least it is recognized by the Inter American Development Bank that decided to have Medellín as […]

Viña del Mar likes Juanes

The Colombian rock star Juanes was the figure in the traditional Viña del Mar International Song Festival of Chile, one of the most important artistic events in Latin America. The singer was acclaimed by a public that sang together his music, especially his recent Grammy album “La vida es un ratico” (Life is Just a […]

Juanes, his Grammy to the Farc hostages

“La vida es un ratico” (The Life is Just a Moment), was the Juanes´ song to be awarded with the best pop album Grammy. The Colombian composer and singer dedicated it to the hostages of the Farc guerrilla. The Argentinian producer Gustavo Santaolalla received the Grammy in the name of Juanes. Santaolalla was the producer […]

Palmira ready for a country of fashion

If Colombia has a fame of having very beautiful women, we can not ignore that Colombia is a Latin American center of fashion, thanks to its development in the textile industry since the beginning of the 20th century. Of course, the industries were settled in big cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla, but it […]

Hay Festival | Colombia, a country of writers

The Hay Festival in Cartagena de Indias reminds us that Colombia is a country of writers. The big affluence of people to the conferences of authors and the performances of artists like Juanes or Miguel Bosé, is a proof of that. You have to book entrance with a good anticipation in order to see authors […]

A friendly press conference between two controversial presidents

Cartagena | ColPas. The meeting of the two most controversial presidents of Latin America in Cartagena de Indias was rather friendly. Even if journalists touched hot subjects like the Farc hostages that broke relations between Chávez and Uribe since November 2007 or the issue of the reelection that both leaders are looking. But the most […]

Colombian flowers for St. Valentine

Americans will give Colombian flowers in St. Valentine day again. About two million boxes will leave the South American country to reach the US markets this week, according to reports of Asocolflores to Caracol broadcasting.

Colombian disabled conquered the peaks of Aconcagua

Five disabled Colombians conquered the pick of the second tallest mountain of the world: Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina. The team is made by four soldiers and a civilian who were victims of mines. They committed themselves to climb the tallest mountains in Colombia and the Americas.

Obama with a Colombian bulletproof vest

We still to know how would be the relations between Obama and Uribe, but it seems that the relations Obama and Caballero are at their highest ranking. At least the digital magazine from Spain is suggesting that president Obama wore the bulletproof vest designed by the Colombian fashion designer.

Learn how to taste wine in Antioquia

Although Colombia is not famous for its wines and it has not a high production in this delicious and international product, Envigado will be the seat for an interesting school this coming month: “How to taste wine.” The course will be leaded by the Egyptian Magdy Shehata of the famous British Cruiser Queen Elizabeth II […]

Uribe’s popularity declined, but remains the first

The popularity of the presidency of Colombian Álvaro Uribe has been the highest of the Americas since his first election in 2001. He was able to open gates of hope for a country that was under the reign of terror between communist guerrillas, paramilitary groups, mafia and urban violence in the main Colombian cities. Even […]

Obama writes history

There are two things to say about the new president of the United States: First, that he is going to be the president of the United States in its full meaning. Second, that he is writing history in United States, but also in the world.

Medellín ready for the Inter-American Development Bank in March

The Inter-American Development Bank will have its 38th General Assembly in Colombia this year. The chosen place is Medellín, the second largest economical center of the country. It is expected an increase of four thousand foreign visitors to the country by that time, especially to Medellín. The Assembly will be celebrated between 27 and 31rst […]

DMG will be on the move for a longtime

DMG is not over and will be on the move for a longtime not only in Colombia but in other countries. At least it can be deducted after the announcement of the creation of a fund organization with that very acronym to support the defense of David Murcia Guzman – DMG stands as an acronym […]

Excommunication for drug traffic mafias?

Excommunication, a term with a strict Catholic relation, means a decision of the leaders of any religion to expel from its community any member or group that do not respect the doctrines or make actions against the morality of that religious system. During the Middle Age, excommunication was particularly used against writers and thinkers in […]

Hay Festival of Cartagena, coming soon

Cartagena de Indias is the city of festivals. It is easier to prepare it in a a place so attractive for tourism, but also inspiring for writers and film directors. It is the city of works like “Love in the Time of Cholera” of Gabriel García Márquez, that was made a film by Mike Newell. […]

Colombians among the first Latin American Internet users

The Pyramid Research for Google made a recent study in 10 Latin American countries, showing a large increase in Internet use in the region. According to the study, in five years Latin America will add 160 million of users to the net. Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela are among the first Latin American fastest growing […]

Ricardo Montalbán forever

The Mexican actor Ricardo Montalbán died yesterday in Los Angeles at 88 years of age and a brilliant career. He was one of the most famous Latin American artists in the United States. He is remembered especially for Fantasy Island (1978 – 1984), a television series and many other television programs and movies. Although he […]

The Colombian coffee growers will not sue Mike Peters

The Colombian Federation of coffee growers, Fedecafé, will not sue the American cartoonist Mike Peters for the drawing that offended the country. The Federation accepted the excuses of Peters that were proceed in an public letter and personally in the office of the Federation in New York.

A Colombian walking from Fireland to Alaska

Henry Sánchez would be the first person to walk by foot all the American continent from the most southern city of Argentina, Ushuaia, to the most northern part of Alaska. It will be a long way of 18,641.1358 miles.

I love Colombia, said Mike Peters

The American cartoonist Mike Peters said to Associated Press that he loves Colombia, drinks its coffee daily and did not intend any offense. On 2nd of January one of his comics appeared in some newspapers talking about Colombian coffee. A character says: “Y’know, there’s a big crime syndicate in Colombia. So when they say there’s […]