Present time is infinite

You can say that there is not a present, but there are many presents



It is not possible to comprehend the cosmic present time, because it is infinite. Time is a concept born of the notion of movement and evolution. Time comes only from the constant move of the universe. It is because the universe moves that there is evolution in the matter and in living creatures everywhere in the cosmos.

The notion of time is a privilege of certain beings able to think. Others without that quality, suffer the consequences of time, its move and evolution, without knowing it.

When a being realizes there is something like time, this rational being can distinguish past, present and future, all stages as a succession of infinite moves and evolution. Evolution is adaptation to the new stages of the move that is an infinite travel of material expansion into an infinite space.

As our mind cannot content the notion of infinite, because finite minds, it is difficult to imagine the future. We can speculate as how it can develop the consequences of events. It is possible to predict, for example, the numbers of the economy for next year in a country or region just because we have elements of how it is going now and how it was before. However, the prediction stops in an unpredictable line of time in the near or far future, only because we do not know unknown circumstances and because the present is infinite, as I argue from the beginning of this essay.

You can say that there is not a present, but there are many presents. This conclusion has its logic. Usually, people recreate themselves with remembrances of the past. Other people prefer to plan their future actions. Remembrances are also finite. There is a time in our personal past that is out of the reach of our memories and that time is before we were born. There were billions of billions of years before we were born, so any personal past time is so short in comparison to the past of the universe. The same for the future: there will be a time in our personal future where we will not be and we call it death. Billions of billions of years will come after our death.

Will the human species survive? We can try to protect ourselves, trying to create conditions to an infinite survival, but we cannot guarantee it. One option is to create an interplanetary human species. Concentrate in the conquest of nearby planets with the basic conditions to content living creatures (the Noah planets,) and this would be a good condition to guarantee an unknown future.

At the moment I am writing this essay, there is at my home more than 50 persons. I am not sure what they are doing just now. I have a clear idea of what they are doing. They are 50 other worlds to me. Each one with his/her own present,physicalconditions, intentions, thinking or not thinking. Some of them might beconsciousof their present time, others might not be. There are also animals and plants, which present time is also happening to them, even if they are notconsciousof this fact.

Can I say that my present time and their present time is a single present time?

At this same moment, the Moon is going in a certain part of its orbit around the earth. Then, the star Sirius is also going in other point of our universe, 8,611 light years from the earth. Is the Moon present time the same of Sirius and the same to me? Evidently, if I can have asimultaneousobservation of these three cosmic bodies (the Moon, Sirius and me), I can see their move in the space at the same ‘time’. They, these three cosmic bodies, keep an imperceptible relation because they belong to the same universe. At the same time, their orbits can enter in contact at any eventual time and it causes an alteration that would develop on a new event.

Present time is, then, a chain of events caused by trillions of cosmic bodies in our universe. It is impossible to see present time as a single event. There is not a single event called present time.

Our technology allows us to contemplate several events at the same time. Internet, for example, allows to follow news from different corners of our tiny planet. But we cannot follow all the events happening just now even in our tiny town. 50 persons will produce 50 eternal events, permanent, constant.

Those who getconscientiousness about their present time, are near to science, observation and self discipline. When it happens, past events become a curiosity in order to understand the nature of present events. Why we are? from where we come? where is our origin? At the same time, future becomes an intention to direct our travel to the stars. Where we are going? How will we survive? What can happen to us?

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