Escobar, Master of Evil

Thoughts on the last Pablo Escobar´s television series



Is Pablo Escobar the scapegoat of our history?

Professorand historian Nicolás Pernett of the National University of Colombia says that the obsession for stereotypes of evil belongs to a sick society in its intention to look for its own history through television, because it is not taught already at the schools. The lack of resources to judge the aesthetic goes along with the lack of criteria to produce ethical judgement, he continues. It is an authentic master of evil, he concludes in his articleEscobar y la ambiguedad del mal.

Professor Pernett makes an interesting critic over this last television series of Caracol Channel, Escobar, el patrón del mal, a child interpretation of history, as it were possible to look for scapegoats for our real dramas, he suggests.

He is right.

At the beginning of the emission by the Colombian television channel – I suppose it is possible to watch in other countries of the Western Hemisphere, – a journalist asked me by email what I thought about it and what I considered the other ‘face’ of Pablo Escobar.

The point is this: Pablo Escobar did not have another face or facet or angle. He had one face and it is our duty to discover it for the generations to come.

Other point: he is not the master of evil. It is a wrong conception, following also the idea of professor Pernet. We just should avoid to build a newscapegoat.

The third point I want to make clear is that the television or film production about Pablo Escobar is not yet produced and probably the director or producer who will do it, is not yet born.

Pablo Escobar only face

The other things about Pablo Escobar come from romanticism or hate. Victims will build a monsters,benefited ones will build a Robin Hood. But Pablo Escobar is, without doubt, a product of the Colombian society and its relations with the international community. Pablo Escobar was created by our own history and the problem of drug consumption in the Unites States and lately in Europe. Let us suppose for a moment if drugconsumptionwere not so high during the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The War on Drugs come from a factual problem in the US soils, where drugsconsumptionis too high and, probably, usual. Would a man like Pablo Escobar would gathered so much power without the high amount of dollars coming to his pocket from the wealthy US drug consumers? From where all those money came? He was among the richest men of the world!!!

It is not surprising that Escobar wanted to be a politician and even he didambition the possibility to become president of the Republic of Colombia. If other historicalcircumstanceswould benefit his intention, I am pretty sure he would be by now in the list of honorable president of the Andean nation. Well, there are already some Colombian presidents who were drug dealers and corrupts. There is nothing strain on it. Few Colombian politicians could be considered authentic honest leaders of the nation. The idea that a drug dealer of the size of Escobar reaches the veryParliament is not, frankly, surprising.

The Robin Hood fame is also a distraction. He was not a Robin Hood. The Wales’ character was not a murder at all. Hood was evident ethical and it makes him a hero. Escobar and his prominent benefits to the Medellin’s poors were not other thing that a traditional political means in Colombia and a sign of hismegalomania. Please, go to see several corrupt Colombian politicians buying the conscience of the poor to reach power in a similar way.

He is not the Master of Evil

Sure he was not the ‘Master of Evil’. This romantic vision comes from his victims. A man without heart, thought like Ma Baker, ‘the meanest cat from all Colombian town…’

Please, put at his side Santofimio Botero…!!! Put at his side all the military, police, agents of security, judges, paramilitary, guerrillas, politicians, governors, killers and others that supported him. Each one was so evil, so mean, so corrupt, so inhuman, like him. Without them, without US drug consumers, without Colombian corruption, Escobar would not be the one we knew.

The Master of Evil in Colombia is other. It is this structure that produces beings like Pablo Escobar, Manuel Marulanda, Castaño and thousands more along the Colombian history. Our nation is possessed by an evil that we need to discover to stop it from happening decade after decade. Our nation has the right to be a peaceful and progressive country.

The Pablo Escobar movie

I have the impression there are a lot information about Escobar, but there is not yet the person to put it into a film or a book at the right perspective. If someone wants to do so, he or she must know that Escobar is, first, a product of our history. It changes his role. It makes him more human. It puts him out of the goal of television series like this as the scapegoat to avoid the discovering of the authentic master of evil in our society.

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