Colombia Passport is an online magazine from Medellín, Colombia, independent and associate to Colombia Reports since 2009. Our objective is make investigative journalism through the web of what happens in our country to a foreign, English-speaking audience. While CR focus in news, the magazine gives a more wide analysis of events keeping neutrality and objectivity. The magazine is based in principles of human rights, peace, justice and development for our country.

This is the team in our associated project Colombia Reports – Colombia Passport

Adriaan Alsema (editor in chief)
Albeiro Rodas (director Colombia Passport)
Giovanni Lopera (researcher)

Kirsten Begg (contributor)
Andrew Colvin (editor)

Justin Harris (editor)
Jorge Barrera (editor / contributor)

Jonathan Roorda (sports editor)
Bryon Wells (contributor)
Maritza Cárdenas (contributor)
Katherine MacKinnon (contributor)

Julian Castro (photographer)
Sergio Patiño (photographer)
Rachel Godfrey Wood (columnist)
Wies Ubags (columnist)
Felipe Estefan (columnist)
Sebastian Castaneda (writer)
Tatiana Franco (sales)

Our team is made up of journalists, photographers, locals, travelers and ex-pats from both Europe and the Americas. We train local aspiring journalists to think critically and independently and hope to enrich Colombia with a new generation of upbeat, motivated, but most of all good journalists.

We are always looking for new contributors. If you live in Colombia and want to share the news from our country with the world or if you’re looking for an internship in one of Latin America’s most beautiful and interesting countries, feel free to contact us anytime.

Organizers of cultural events, festivals, concerts will be allowed access to our event calenders, but will have to send an e-mail before. One time only events we will be happy to add to the calendar ourselves. Organizers of these events can use the same e-mail

Colombia Reports-Colombia Passport is a mostly volunteer organization, not trying to do more than bring news from Colombia and train local aspiring journalists.  Because we do have expenses, we always are in need of sponsors who can secure we can continue doing what we do. If you want to contribute financially, please e-mail us. Advertisers obviously are welcome too. They can look on our advertisement page for information.

If you have questions, remarks, complaints or tips, feel free to contact us through the contact form.


About rights of author

You can use my material and writings with the following conditions:

1. Tell us (albeiror24@gmail.com), because it is our work and we want to know where it is reported. If you link it to our sites, we get the link back, so you do not need to tell us. But if you are not going to link it, please email me.

2. Please mention the website or its authors.

3. When we use material from other sites or authors (very often we translate documents from Spanish that we consider of a high importance), we mention the source. If you will use it in your site, please mention the original source as well.

Support our work

We invite you to support our work as well. We have known many writers selling their works on the net or working with great information agencies. You can read our articles by free. But just think, it took us time and investigation. If you send us for that a dollar, it is okay and we will thank you. That would be kind. Here you can find the ways to support our work and our people.

Any contact: passport@colombiareports.com – H.P. (+855) 17 399 864

Group 13 Mondol 5, Sangkat 4 Khna Mittapheap, Street Ou Pram, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. P.O.Box 9406


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  1. Juan


    Asi como corregiste a el Sr. Juan Isaza de Portafolio en su articulo THE INSIGHT POINT, te corrijo a ti. En la introduccion de tu blog, en ABOUT dices:
    This blog was opened in 2005 with the ideal of write about Colombia and Latin American from different perspectives.

    Deberia ser the ideal of writting about Colombia o the ideal to write about Colombia.

    Por ahí vi mas errores en la redacción en Ingles, te recomiendo que los corrijas.

    Buena suerte y esta muy bueno tu blog.

  2. Albeiro Rodas

    Gracias Juan por las correcciones. Me dio la oportunidad de actualizar la página. 🙂 El mundo del Internet es que nos permite mejorar lo que hacemos. Un abrazo y gracias por visitarme.

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