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Bogotá — The Great Road of the Inca: Building an Empire, is an exposition at the Exploration Hall of the Golden Museum of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia in Bogota. The exposition is created by the National Museum of the American Indigenous and the Smithsonian Institute of Washington. We can make a fascinating travel throughout the political, economical and religious life of the Incas, integrating more than hundred indigenous peoples and millions of inhabitants in what was known as the Tawatinsuyu, the Empire in Four Parts.


The Inca Road on the way from Cuzco to Machu Pichu. Photo Colegota.

Qhapaq Ñan stands for Way of the Lord and it was the road system of the Inca Empire extending throughout 40 thousand kilometers along the west coast of South America. It includes territories of what is today Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It was the authentic first Pan-American Road. Although it is today a ruin, a big part of its structure remains alive and integrated to the native populations of many regions.

In 2014 it was included in the list of World Inheritance of Humanity by UNESCO and it is considered one of the most impressive constructions of the Pre-Colombian times. It crosses high mountains, tropical jungles, snowing picks, coasts, lakes, rivers and desserts to connect Cuzco that was the spiritual capital of the Incas. It was used for transport, communications, commerce and the sharing of ideas, progress and armies. It was also used by the European conquerors to subjugate the indigenous nations during the 16th century.

Conference. Thursday, May 3 at 16:00
The Ruins of Qhapaq Ñan, an ethnographic of the Inca Road
By: prof. Cristóbal Gnecco, Antropologist of the University of Cauca and PhD in Antropology of the University of Washington.

Website of the exposition:The Great Road of the Inca: Building an Empire
Come to explore the wonders of Qhapaq Ñan, Road of the Inca.

Symposium on the Inca Road, in YouTube | Photos by NMAI in Flickr

Photo home MO by Chalene Wood in Flickr | Photo original by Matt Rubens in Flickr.

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