No decadency

· Anthropology, Culture, Religion, Technology

There is not such as a decadency of the current times as some presume. Our children do not read like before, they say. The real key is not in what they read, but in what they see. We are heading to a golden time of deep discoveries and wonderful science and knowledge. Still we can fall down to hell and disappear as the tyrannosaurus. We are departing in a next universal journey, the authentic journey of all humanity, to a next level. When our 100 ancestors left Africa one million years ago, they did not know they were leaving Africa. They did not know they were going to be the parents of the Asians, Europeans, Polynesians, Americans… So it is right happening now. We are leaving the security of many shelters of our times and civilizations without noticing it. We are on a journey to the stars or to the knowledge, as you want to put it…

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