47 years old´s interview (2/5)


Are you happy?

Yes. But happiness in the West is lost in confusion, as many other values and sentiments. The deep meaning of ancient concepts are lost in a difficult network of unexpected situations. The technologies contributed in big share to such a lost, but I don´t blame them alone. They are only the result of societies where the human being ended to be just a product or an instrument, without any other value. Today people are  exposed to expressions such as friends, like, comment, share, love, up, down… because the great influence of social networks. We asked questions that would sound weird 100 years ago such as are we friends on Facebook or can you like my post

Going through the Facebook or Instagram account of many people, you only see smiling faces, handsome models, brilliant actions, bright scenes, good meals, narration of wonderful events and feelings. There is a rhetoric of the perfect man and the perfect woman, to be cute, to show as much as young as possible. There is even people who do not show their own family and friends: Their posts is a succession of hundreds of photos about themselves. We have now a new application: Live. Then you can see some individuals showing themselves doing nothing of real importance, just they, at the center of attention, showing always the perfect posture, the cutest expression. I reflect on this with my students, because we have to discover the real background of it. Most of those people so worry with their figure to expose on social networks are actually people with dysfunctional families, lonely, lack of confidence, lack of self esteem. For them it is so important to collect many likes, many hearts and those concepts start to mean nothing.

Life means also problems, conflicts, sad moments, defeats, dead… But it is not about the conflict we could have: it is about the principles we have in the deep of our heart. It is about having that strong hope and confidence in ourselves. Then we have to fight our own fears, the ghosts we ourselves project onto others, on our daily life. I feel I am happy because every time I have less fears and I have defeated many fears through study, research, but also through experience with other people, groups and interacting with them in real life, not through the platform of a social network. It makes me strong and happy.






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