Why I don’t believe in UFO sightings

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Here the beginning of my skepticism on UFO sightseeing, this talk of our dear Karl Sagan when I was a teenager:

My point will be the following ones:

  1. If there is an intelligent alien civilization able to travel trillions of miles to visit us, why would they show up to single Earth citizens? Would it be more ‘intelligent’ that an alien civilization would make a direct contact with all Humanity, after so long travel and say ‘Hi, we come from Planet X’.
  2. If you check this list of UFO sightings, you will notice that most UFO’s visits land in the United States of America. Here a single point of skepticism. I suspect that most of those sightings by American people have been of their own military intelligence testing new war technologies: Our modern drones? Nasa’s robots into space? Could it be very much possible.
  3. Ancient UFO sightings do not prove nothing at all. Any astronomic phenomenon like simple asteroids entering the atmosphere, could fill the imagination of our ancestors. Once more, as Sagan’s suggests, we don’t have a single prove, any piece of alien device, any alien scripture, nothing to prove we have been visited by aliens anytime in our Human history.

wow signal

The most near to alien experience we have had is this one: The Wow! Signal detected by Jerry E. Ehman on August 15, 1977 while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear Radio Telescope of the Ohio State.

      Coming back to this speculative idea of war technology experiments confused by  unnoticed passers as UFO sightings, it would be a great solution to dissipate public intrusions into top secret military missions if they are confused with alien visitors, especially in the US.

      I remember a parallel case in Colombia with smuggling during the first half of the 20th century. At that time people in very rural towns claim to see night  ghosts wandering the streets of villages. The point is that those villages were on the smuggling routes. The smugglers created ghosts like the  funeral procession led by living dead (La Barbacoa in a legend of my town, Amalfi, Antioquia). The fear of the allegedly ghost would keep people inside their homes or at least on the Church, with the streets alone in the night for the smugglers to cross the village with their merchandise.

      If someone says that they saw an UFO or a ghost, it would be the most perfect way to distract the attention from a potential top secret experiment: the general public, hungry for real life movie stories, would like to believe it. The skeptical groups will keep distant from such story. Wow! The perfect cover. Don’t teach it to the mafia…

       Another group of ideas that made me skeptical:

  1.  The Fermi paradox must be a very serious point to start. Are we alone in the Universe? Maybe we are the first living creatures with intelligence. If we can colonize other planets in the future, our Human species will be divided in its DNA, creating new Humans in other galaxies. We will be the alien civilizations of the future. Read more with David Brin.
  2. If any intelligent alien civilization reaches the Earth, I suspect that they will use another way different to the 3 dimensions. It means, they will not come in a craft crossing the physical time/space. Frankly, it will take an eternity just to go from one point of the Milky Way to the opposite one, even if you overcome the velocity of light. Must be another route. If they will come to the Earth, they will use such route that breaks the limits of space/time. So, forget about the flying saucer. An alien visitors could enter our Planet by a dimensional gate, as you use the lift in a skyscraper.
  3. What about time travelers? Space travel puts us in the face of Time travel. What if we can resolve the paradigm of time, multiverses, many dimensions? What if we can be visited by our own descendants in the future, coming from other planets?

      Lastly, the idea that our ancient monuments were built by aliens is really sad, because it looks down our own civilizations’ capacity to create since ancient times.

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  1. Colin

    I believe in aliens, but I don’t believe in most of the sightings.

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