The genetic and robotic revolutions

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From Things I believe will happen in the future.


Who, from our time, will be important for our descendants? Logically, I believe, that those who have done something good for humanity or for our planet.

There is a thing I like will happen in the future and rather in a non very far future: most people that today is regarded as powerful and famous, good or bad, will be forgotten in coming generations, while many anonymous persons of today, will be well know in other centuries. Once more, it is not necessary to know about astrology to guest it, just because it is what our human history teaches us. How many powerful kings, nobles, businessmen, admirable warriors of their time are remembered in our time? Contrary to that, many persons were completely unknown in their life time, but became famous only after death or even decades and centuries after their time – see for example the biography of El Greco (1541 – 1614) or German geologist Alfred Wegener (1880 – 1931). Then, many current political leaders and business people who praise themselves as important persons, will be forgotten by next generations, at least they do something really meaningful for humanity. 

I believe that genetics will become so important for our human species that we will use it for great campaigns and adventures such as interstellar travels and the extinction of deceases. But before that power comes to the hands of a more fraternal humanity, there will be many dark groups trying to control it to manipulate gens in favor of their fundamentalist ideologies. They would treat the human gen in many ways. We have it already in our history, when Nazis did experiments in people and it is possible that some dark powers are doing experiments today.

As for interstellar travels and the conquest of other Earths to guarantee the survival of the human species, I believe that in the future, people from natural cultures will be the most suitable to spread the human race into the galaxies than inhabitants of metropolis. We have long journeys through the interstellar space, space and time worms and unknown dangers that need to be faced by humans very much attached to the nature of the cosmos and not to the nature of machines. Just take a normal citizen of any of our modern metropolis in any continent and put that person in the middle of a jungle. If such person find difficult to adapt to one of our Earth jungles, how that person would survive a long travel and conquer a wild planet?

Lastly, for this post, we are approaching to the robotic revolution. Same as genetics, robots will alter the human evolution in a considerable way, even becoming dangerous for the same existence of humans. I believe firmly that we will develop artificial intelligence and it will help us to go deeply into space, but it can destroy us also if we don’t establish some rules. In the future, as it is now in many places already, robots will help us to go beyond mysteries. They will be the extencion of the human intelligence.

Next: aliens and animals.

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